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Friday, August 25, 2006

Loosing the Plots

In a very long article The Truth about the “Terror Plot”…. and the new “pseudo-terrorism” by Nafeez Ahmed | August 24 2006 he laments that ... "I am disappointed to say that so far there has been very little serious critical discussion, grounded in factual analysis, of the alleged “Terror Plot” foiled on the morning of Wednesday, 10th August 2006."

The problem is that there is very litle to discuss, seriously or otherwise. Most of the "information" in the public domain is leaked via various completely unreliable ways - the information provided directly and authoritatively at the sole Metropolitan Police Press Conference so far (at which no questions were allowed) was negligible apart from details of the charges.

The charges themselves are interesting if compared with those against the 21/7 bombers.(Discussed here previously)

1. Let's simply dismiss charges under section 38b of the 2000 Terrist Act,(as amended in 2001 to replace SEct 38 with 38b) which covers an absurd range of knowledge and activities , including having maps or guide books of the Statue of Liberty.

2. The main charges relate to conspiracy to murder , which is evidence of desperation by the CPS, and is notoriously difficult to pin down unless anyone turns Queens evidence ...and there is no evidence and litle chance that they are going to grass each other up.

3. Other Charges under the 2006 Act are such a catch all, that even if guilty it could mean someone overhearing someone say in a bar ..."That Tony Blair he needs shooting.. the bastard".

4. Most intriguing are the charges against the 17 year old and suggest the little blighter had been doing what I ( and many others )did at school and experimented with making explosions - we used to very succesfully make iodine tri-iodide and frighten the elderly school, secretary by sprinkling it on the stone stepd to her office and the door handle. This produced the most satsifying crackle / pop when walked on or the door handle was held... much to our juvenile amusement and her weary acceptance of the stupidity of schoolboys.

Sounds like he has a promising future in the chemical engineering industry.

You can be sure that if the Police / MI5 / CPS had ANY decent evidence that the US press ( absent from any restrictions on commenting on cases in UK courts) would have had the information "leaked" and spun better than Carolina Sea Island Cotton.

Simply, the whole IslamoFascist trantalantic airplane toilet terror liquid bomb "plot" is a total fabrication, a media myth, a fanciful faery tale, based on a need for a distraction on both sides of the Atlantic to deflect attention from many political woes and as a prelude to introducing even tougher legilsation.

Remember only one Airplane bomber has been found before departure, and she was "inoccent" in that her Arab boyfriend tried to get her to board an El Al plane (many years ago) with a bomb in bag of which she certainly knew absolutel;y nothing.

Procedures currently in place for security have been satisfactory worldwide for zillions of passenger miles, and in the UK the stern, unbeleivably young policeman nervously fingering their Heckler and Koch's have yet to shoot them in anger.

There has been a plot...certainly. By the UK and US Gubments to ratchet up fear level (by issuing CRITICAL .. RED alerts etc., ) and to pursue their Orwellian dream of social control.

The next one will be a "dirty" bomb on a container ship transiting the Panama Canal.... and if you are between 18 - 35 and a US resident expect the draft.

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