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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How to kill and maim the inoccent after the War is over

Mines Advisory Group MAG is a Manchester based humanitarian group that not only clears mines and unexploded ordnance from war zones but also trains local staff.

They are now working in Lebanon having moved some teams from Iraq.

As Patrick Cockburn in Counterpunch explains in "Deadly Harvest" ,at least 83 people have died and many, especially children have suffered terrible injuries as a result of the deliberate flooding of villages with cluster bomblets.

Some Israeli officers are protesting at the use of cluster bombs, each containing 644 small but lethal bomblets, against civilian targets in Lebanon.

A commander in the MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems) unit told the Israeli daily Haaretz that the army had fired 1,800 cluster rockets, spraying 1.2 million bomblets over houses and fields. "In Lebanon, we covered entire villages with cluster bombs," he said. "What we did there was crazy and monstrous."

Whilst Tony Blair blustered about a "lasting" cease fire the Israeli IDF sowed these deadly fruit. Whilst the UN bickered, the seeds of endless death and destruction showered on villages like Yohmor is a village set on a hillside next to the Litani River, about ten kilometres southeast of Nabatieh and just five kilometres from the blue line which MAG is helping to clean.

Pic (from MAG) shows a separated section of a cluster bomb shell after spraying it's deadly cargo. - see their website for more.

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