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Monday, September 18, 2006

Panorama exposes the corruption at the heart of European football ...again.

BBC Panorama are going to expose more of the shady dealings in bringing cheap , but superb African footballers to Europe through surrogate football clubs in Belgium and then through a network of agents and bent managers , including the UK , to sell them on at a huge profit.

Lord Patel exposed the seamy side of Arsenal recently and the activities of David Dein. Nothing happens, UEFA carefully looks the other way, and lets young Africans get treated like whores.

In the Panorama fillum a Belgian from the Charleroi club says - we bring in 100 Africans, Burkina / Nigeria wherever make them play pick the best and say pick the 5 best and then send them back to Africa.

Lord Stevens , when he isn't discovering why the Daily Express isn't running more stories about Ladu Di's death is"investigating" . don't hold your breath.

For the truth about Arsenal and David Dein ...go here

Incidentally the day after the story broke 2nd June 2006 , Dein who then sat on the board of the FA as one of 4 representatives of the FA Premier League clubs on the Football Association board was replaced by David Gill CEO of Manchester United F.C.Dein continues to sit as representative of the FA Premier League on UEFA's committee for club competitions and is a member of the FA Council.

Dein is a leading member of the Jewish community in Totteridge, great friend of the Karaoke King, Lord Levy and also a major football agent and founder of Sports Entertainment and Media Group Ltd (SAM)whose clients include Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Rio Ferdinand.

He also has family ties. Son Darren a trained solicitor, is a consultant for Sports Entertainment and Media Group Ltd and is married to the beautiful daughter Sara, of David Buchler ex-executive vice chairman of Tottenham Hotspur FC. SAM also represent Luiz Felipe Scolari, who Dein was keen to take over from Sven as England Manger, but finally refused the job.

No doubt there will be a few in English (and Scottish) football who will sleep none too well tonight.

POSTSCRIPT regarding the Totteridge Four

Keen eyed readers will recall that Langbar (formerly Crown Corporation) suspended from AIM in October last year is is currently led by recovery expert David Buchler, who was called in to salvage something for shareholders, principally £365 Mn said to be in Brazil.

On a stormy night in December 2003, a colourful group of international businessmen gathered at Villa Castagnola, a grand hotel on the shore of Lake Lugano in Switzerland.Among those present were Crown’s chairman Mariusz Rybak, a Canadian technology executive, and Jean-Pierre Regli, a Swiss-Italian banker and the company’s co-founder.Present were Barry Townsley and Simon Fox of stockbroker Insinger Townsley. Read on how £150MN of the company's money was handled.

Well since then Barry Townsley has lent £1Mn at least to the Labour Party, been refused a peerage, and his very good friend Lord Levy arrested by the Police (and his computers arrested as well). Jean Pierre Regli is currently in Pentonville working out a six months sentence.(see link above to Langbar)... for coughing up neither the required information or the money.

Long way from football, but how lucky David Buchler, father in law of Darren Dein, also a friend to bouffant haired, stack heeled Lord Levy, Townsley et al is acting as insolvency practitioner... something to talk about in the match interval in the cosy intimacy of the Directors box no doubt.


Anonymous said...

The ridiculously high salaries of media chat show and DJ celebrity types suggested bribery. Not by the celebrity types themselves but by their agents.

Postman said...

Tsk.Tsk Perish the thought.

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