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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Something Ludicrous in the e-mail?

I received an e-mail yesterday pointing me to the video "Ludicrous Diversion" .... so did Bridget Dunne..

"The July 7th Truth Campaign received an email earlier today informing us about the release of a new 7/7 documentary called 'Ludicrous Diversion'."

An interesting fillum produced by ? Video it isn't , but clever use of a good editing suite of stills, (all readily available to anyone with time and money on the web) well mixed on a professional desk with a clever and subtle unidentifiable voice over. Just like a Gubment mis-information fillum.

Many questions asked, none answered. The overwhelming theme is, the laws are in place, the dissident is silenced and an Inquiry into 7/7 would be pointless. Indeed ...see this reaction at "British 9/11" from poster "Waking Life"

"This brilliantly insightful documentary ends with the very uncomfortable truth, that trying to campaign for an investigation really is a waste of time and energy."

No examination of alternative theories to Gubment fantasy tale , duped drug couriers, bombs in place under trains, Mossad / Guiliana/Netanyahu/Helevy article. Acceptance of the traintime nonsense which the Gubment have now backed down on, no answer to confusion over mil. explosive , remote ignition, etc.,

Not one new fact, and many many glossed over or missed. NO alternative viewpoint outlined or considered.

Now who would want to produce a fillum with those viewpoints ?

I would love to know. Having e-mailed the link, for further and better particulars, a reply is eagerly awaited. Here it is ..

The FIllum asks many questions and provides no answers, other than wide and often unspoken inferences.One question to which an answer would be welcome , is, who was involved in making the film ?"

Of course Lord Patel may be talking bollocks and be paranoid to the state of needing urgent medical attention .. but (if you have 27 minutes 58 seconds spare) have another look.

If the producers / editors / authors of the fillum contact my staff , you will be informed without delay.... should any reader be able to shortcut the request for information please don't hesitate....


Bridget Dunne said...

Hi Postman

We are a suspicious and paranoid lot aren't we, and for good reason. After all, attempting to expose the forces behind 7th July is going to be met with a lot of resistance and worse ...

What is important is that a discussion takes place that poses the question, If a public inquiry into 7th July will be useless, what can we do instead? That is an important question that requires a correct political analysis of what we face (growing police state and corporate power behind the State imho).

I think I can vouch for the good and rational motives behind Ludicrous Diversion's intent, and their reasons for wishing to remain anonymous, see my reply to your question here:

My blog

Casey Lee Cobb said...

I thought that the mini-documentary did quite well. Are you saying that you disagree with the futility of a public enquiry? I’m from the U.S. and consider, the UK to be far more advanced and controlled with respects to the world dystopian nightmare that is being established, day by day, all around us.

Coming from an outside perspective, the report of the simultaneous drills that corresponded to the exact times and places of the real world bombings in itself should have caused a massive public outcry.

Someone in power, as of then should have cried wolf almost immediately, yet I know of know one whom did, nor if it received any notable public attention or airtime.

I do know if anyone would have had the cojones to do so it would have been George Galloway, but am not sure if I have heard any audio or video of him publicly condemning the coincidence, and or conspiracy of the simultaneous occurrence of both the exercise’s and the bombings, for that alone should be a smoking gun.

Bridget Dunne said...

An Independent Public Inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005 will not give us what we want, any inquiry under this act is already being boycotted by judges, check Pat Finucane's widow. Perhaps that's what the Government don't want to call attention to.

Will a Public Inquiry answer our questions even. Did Hutton uncover the murder of Dr David Kelly and the lie of WMD. Isn't it difficult for the public to put its faith into calling for something that they know will be a whitewash.

J7 Truth Campaign are calling for an Independent Public Inquiry outiside of the IA05, and in the meantime for the MPS to Release the Evidence that supports the narrative. Perhaps a call for a Citizen's Inquiry with the power to call witnesses would be another way forward, with the support of the transport unions.

BTW a pile of maggot infested sewage has appeared in the corner of my garden, a place where we sit and eat. Strange?

Casey Lee Cobb said...

Postman, I see your point, and also it makes me wonder if the person whom made the film, might just be an upstanding member in the community. Or does not want to be marked a conspiracy theorist, and or just wants to get the truth out.

But let me ask you this, what is the worst case scenario if this guy did go public; are they black bagging people in London yet? How scary is the law around those parts?

Bridget Dunne said...


If this is the 'real' Peter Power and I have no reason to doubt it is, this makes interesting reading and perhaps requires a sophisticated and knowledgeable deconstruction and dissemination through the blogosphere:

Newsnight Blog

Anonymous said...

Approach a foreign power and persuade them to fund a full public inquiry.

Why do you need the UK gov to say yes or no?

Postman said...

From Peter Power
"There is I suggest, a need to start building a new approach based on conceptualising and hopefully influencing others since we are presently lacking a truly forward thinking and pan global collective body of influential advisors, practitioners and academics that transcends the otherwise valuable but discrete institutions in many countries and their individual agendas."

Yup sounds the sort of bullshit these guys come out with....and the dead giveaway is if you click on his name it goes to Visor Consultants web site


"I think anyone familiar with likely terrorist targets will release (realise ?) our exercise scenario was coincidence rather than conspiracy, but it does start to raise some interesting points on a wider scale."

I would ask Mr Power

1. Seeing he is familiar with likely terrorist targets ... why choose the ones they did ?

2. What objectives do they impute to the terists ? Killing people? Leveraging Gubments ?

On either scale 7/7 was very unsuccessful, but if it was merely to keep the nightmare factory going they did a good job.

I think PP is a small town, small time hustler, living on the fringes of the pig trough of Gubment expenditure ... if yo want to see where the big bucks are spent go to the equipment suppliers. Equipment that was never used on 7/7 and 21/7 for bio / chemical hazards ..except the odd time a TV camera was available.

Stef said...

I share some of postman's concerns about this film but not all of them.

I think that airing alternative scenarios for what happened on 7/7 could be a double-edged sword so I'm not too concerned about the film skipping out that side of things. And some of the narration could be tightened up a little to avoid accusations of subjectivity but that's not the end of the world.

What does concern me is the absence of a 'call to action' at the end of the film. Whilst I share the pessimism about the likely outcome of any public enquiry or canvassing MPs, newspapers and the like, the film really does need to conclude with some positive thoughts about what people can do to make a difference. Or at least invite people to some kind of forum to discuss future steps. Without that this sort of production becomes the kind of 'fear porn' that the likes Of Alex Jones et al merrily promote over in the US. And some of those folks definitely are spooks.

Anyone who has followed some of the farcical twists and turns of the 9/11 Truth Movement over the last five years will have plenty of grounds to be concerned that similar shenanigans will be employed on this side of the pond.

Still, I'm giving Ludicrous Diversion the benefit of the doubt and have plugged it on my own litte blog for the same reasons as bridget. But if the guys behind it are serious about what they're doing they might want to think about a Second Edition at some point.

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