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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Andy Hayman - the sewage principle - the solid bits float to the top.

Daily Mail 9 July 2005

Exclusive By Jeff Edwards And Chris Hughes

Andy Hayman, the Met's Assistant Commissioner and terrorism co-ordinator, said: "The bombers are all certain to have been caught on many cameras during their journey to and on the Underground.

"They were not masked so we will end up with very good pictures that will identify them."

One theory is that because the attacks were in the north and north east parts of Central London, the bombers may live close to that area or have travelled in by train from Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or beyond.

They think all four bombers travelled separately with a bomb containing about 5lbs of plastic explosive hidden in a rucksack or holdall.

Police believe the terrorists used timing devices, possibly mobile phone alarm clocks, to set off the bombs. The are not thought to have triggered them remotely by mobile phone calls - like the Madrid bombings - because the signals cannot be picked up on the Tube.

Detectives believe each bomber set the timer just before the train pulled into a station, dumped the bag on the floor and got off as the doors closed. The bombs exploded within 60 seconds in standing areas close to the doors, blowing huge holes through the floors.

The Guradian Thursday September 29, 2005
Met's Andrew Hayman tells of July 7 and the struggle to prevent further atrocities

Rosie Cowan, crime correspondent

" ....A tough detective who speaks in staccato sentences, Mr Hayman admits he was deeply affected by the bombings. "None of us wanted to leave London, even for a few hours. I crashed in London for weeks. I just couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Everyone just kept going. The CCTV team never went home, just napped on the office floor for nights on end. Their eyes went bloodshot they were so determined to keep scanning the tapes."

The scale of the July 7 investigation is something no British police force has experienced before - 80,000 CCTV tapes..... " ...one CCTV tape had been shredded into several hundred pieces when we recovered it, and that was all painstakingly spliced back together."

The Guradian Friday September 15, 2006
Shake-up for anti-terror policing

Proposal for one police chief to oversee up to 10 regional squads

Vikram Dodd

A national terrorism tsar overseeing up to 10 new regional squads is to be created under proposals being drawn up by the government's policing watchdog.....It will say a new post of national counter-terrorism coordinator should be created with power over eight to 10 new regional terrorism squads based in England and Wales.

The new role could go to Andy Hayman, who heads special operations including counter-terrorism for Scotland Yard. But he has also built links across the police service in his role as chair of the terrorism committee of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Belfast Telegraph Sunday 24 September 2006

Ronnie's terror tsar plan for UK

By Ciaran McGuigan
Belfast Telegraph Sunday 24 September 2006

Former RUC Chief Constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan is to tell the Government to install a terrorism tsar to tackle the threat from Islamic extremists....

...Among those being tipped for the new role is Andy Hayman, the special operations chief at Scotland Yard.

With such a successful track record
he is evidently just the person for the job....this will of course be meat and drink to John Reid in his move to outflank and de-stabilise the Conservative Right.


sam_m said...

HC 910-iii


Q194 Chairman: .....the need to go more than 14 days is something of which you are absolutely certain. The question of whether the maximum period should be 90 days is much more a sense of instinctive judgment about what feels about right. Is that fair?

Assistant Commissioner Hayman: That is absolutely fair. I know that sounds pretty flaky. I expect members are sitting here thinking, "Crikey, there should be more basis for that", but that was the question that was asked. It is a really difficult judgment call to make, but we were asked for a professional judgment and that is what we gave.

So you think old "flaky hunch" Hayman is going to get more responsibility? How's his Forest Gate chemical bomb investigation coming along??

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to wish this on anyone but ... if there really was some sort of terrorist conspiracy wouldn't the likes of Mr Hayman's head be at the centre of the crosswires?

Perhaps the Gladio types may execute him in order to con us into thinking that there is a real external threat?

Anonymous said...

Hayman was the policeman who wrote the letter to Charles Clarke on 6th October 2005, making the case for the 90 day pre-charge detention limit.

Read the letter (PDF link above)& the Case Studies he cites:

1- The Ricin Plot case (charges thown out)

2- The currently on trial case resulting from Operation Crevice (hingeing on the evidence of a shadowy 'Supergrass'), (and it is reported the Operation that videoed Mohammed Siddique Khan).

3- The case resulting from Operation Vivace, the investigation into the July 21st 05 London 'non-bombs' (the investigation, the largest in English criminal history we are told, has detained 43 people, the first 5 of whom are shortly to be trialled).

The Ricin Case was dismissed, as was the 'Al Queda planning to bomb Old Trafford' case (which never made it to court).

Press reporting restrictions are preventing any detailed public scrutiny/investigation of the details of the other two cases, but there appears inherent anomalies similar to Hayman's early comments re CCTV of 7/7/05, which have not been borne out.

Hayman seems to be saying that, given the 90-day extension, we could/would/can make these charges stick.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish