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Friday, November 24, 2006

..and now for the weather...... Man who read the news dies.

Veteran BBC reporter Nick Clarke has died. Few will forget the direct, straightforward way he narrated the diary of his disease and his brief return to work. As ever Clark 's BBC official and energetic hagiographers have been at work - no BBC employee the public sees may die that their passing isn't seen as another fixed step on the wide and sweeping cultural history of Western civilisation.

Old , name dropping bore Alistair Cook, who long past his sell by date, defied his removal to the last was accorded what could pass for a Sate funeral. John Peel, despite his murky early marriage and boastfulness about Venereal disease was to remembered long, long after a man who played gramaphone records on the Radio could reasonably be remembered - even by tear jerking readings of his semi-literate celebrity biography.

Let us not forget there are many hundreds of Nick Clark's out there, denied access to the airwaves, which appear to be the preserve of a Metropolitan Mafia. The Dumblebores, both on radio and Television. Inheritors of a vast family fortune they have no need to work, but holders of their father's crown their nauseous narrative attends every state ceremony and death - not to mention Any Questions and Question Time.

Andrew Marr hurts his ankle and it's a news story. Kate Adey snubbed is an event of massive import and report. John Humphreys examines his navel and the world gets a 4 part series. .. and esposure to the industrious Naughtie is unceasing. We are also exposed to more of the egregious antipodeans like Germaine Greer (and we saw far too much of her once over) and Clive James.

Now with the BBC, the PC is PC correct, the celebrity PC newsman/woman is increasingly the news.....

...and the news, blander , more State driven and controlled.

Last week it was said that "Feedback" would address the complaints this week about Dimblebore interrupting, putting his views forward , rubbishing the public's comments on "Any Questions ?" - apparently e-mail traffic flooded "Feedback"'s office ... and the programme which went out today, quietly pulled the item.

Celebrity news people, the Kirsties, Johns, Jims, Claires, Paxman's rule and out there, aspirant journalists are supressed, along with their views. Take heart though they are all going to die.

Bring back Ray Gosling.

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Stef said...

You're being far too hard on Question Time as it performs a valuable service and reality check

If you ever find yourself agreeing with the consensus of the panel on any issue you know you're flat wrong

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