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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lawyers Triumph

Due to a break down in staff relations Lord Patel was ironing his daily, gaily coloured " Bollocks to Blair" and "George Bush International Terrist" Tee shirts and sundry other items of laundry and took the opportunity to be enraged by one of the Dimblebores (the smug, fat,Home Counties accented , fucking know-all) hosting " Any Questions" and "Any Answers" on BBC Radio4.(pic Lord P ready for some extreme ironing)

There is of course always some reptilian MP ready with knee jerk responses, one of the many self important commentators firmly fixed for a living on the dug of the State, a celebrity ethnic, ..to latch on the uncanny ability of the world every week to highlight the imperfectness and impermanency of the world we live in. Remarks guaranteed to furrow the noble brow, raise the heartbeat, anger and temperature ( an unintended irony ?) of the noble Lord. AQ and AA did not disappoint.

No 1. Despite stalwart service over decades, happily (or even maybe unhappily) passing on putative homsexual adopters, as Catholic Doctors re-direct (with the state and the laws blessing) would be abortionees, the Catholic Adoption Service is subject to the relentless attacks of bar room lawyers across the media. So it is on "AQ" and "AA".

No 2. Media whoops of the joys of "Whisky Galore" as greedy scavengers descended like seagulls on a council tip, soon turned to revulsion as blameless Swedes saw their household possessions shamelessly looted and BMW watched apparently helpless, as the Police stood by watching their valuable cargo carried, off by a new suburban criminal class.

Thus the apogee of the lawyers state is enacted, played out. displayed for all. The state inserts it's insensitive feelers unfettered after erecting laws to let them , in this case over the tiny number of cases of adoption - yet thieves are watched by inert Police who are acting under ancient laws - and a detailed and handy exegisis is provided instantly on BBC Online for the unrepentant thieves to justify their self evident criminal behaviour.

There is a natural law to which we all conform, learnt with our mother's milk. Should a lorry overturn and the public descend and strip it of it's contents, the onlookers would have no hesitation of the fact and the nature of their crime, nor would PC Plod hesitate to haul off the miscreants and relieve them of their booty to return it to it's rightful and undisputed owner.

Enter the law and it's litigious servants. Ever ready to scan a sub-paragraph , an unhelpful conditional clause, a sloppily defined statute, an inexpertly defined exemption - and collect a fee accordingly.

Yours sincerly Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

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