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Friday, January 26, 2007

No 10 hidden IT internet net. e -mails and minding your "K" and "P's" Jonathan

e- mails have been recovered from 10 Downing Street computers that provide "potentially" vital evidence the the cluster of unelected cronies close to Tony Blair openly discussed the possibility of Labour donors being paid with peerages. Police forensic investigators backed by MI 5 technical staff (those friendly folks who fucked up the e-mail alerts last week - see pic of Mr E. Bah Gumm) have uncovered a separate and "secret" remote computer network in Number 10 Downing Street from which some e-mails (or "P" mails as Plod calls them or "K" mails) have been removed / deleted / altered.

e-mails that were not voluntarily disclosed and have been deliberately concealed. e-mails that date from September 2004 between the ravishing, petite Karaoke King Lord Levy, Mr Blair's bouffant haired "chief of staff", Jonathan Powell....and

36 year old beautiful, raven haired, vivaceous and ambitious Ruth Turner, Director of Government Relations (The IT girl) arrested by 4 Plods who dropped in for an early morning cuppa' (dawn raid ..surely...ED) at her home last week on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, is repeatedly named as the dodgy deleter. A decision on what to charge her with, will be made soon ....possession of a g-mail / Yahoo / hotmail account, being pretty, knowing a known purveyor of peerages, is being mentioned in hushed tones the length and breadth of several bars near Fleet prison.

10 Downing Street and senior prosecution sources deny allegations made by ITV News, which claiming that a separate IT system (AKA Bush Telegraph ***) in the building was revealed to police by a witness over recent weeks. They did not (could not ?) deny Downing Street staff used many e-mail addresses which might aid secrecy of communications - or confuse people seeking to identify the history of office memos / letters / e-mails.

Alastair Campbell is 56.

*** Bush Telegraph see lies about Iraq WMD stories.

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