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Thursday, January 25, 2007

UK Armed Forces enter 21st century-new building opened

A £2M extension, completed on time and under budget (!), for 100 MoD Central Staff at the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre at Shrivenham, Wiltshire (It had been a Girl's School) was opened by Adam Ingram Minister of State for the Armed Forces yesterday.Pic is entitled "MILITARY GOVERNMENT TRAINING AT SHRIVENHAM" in a history of SHAEF.

The Press were provided with the usual claptrap that old Adam was supposed toi have said ;
"Britain's Armed Forces are among the very best in the World but to maintain that level of excellence we must anticipate the future threats and be ready for the uncertain world our forces will face in future.

Resulting from the MoD's 1998 Strategic Defence Review this does however represent serious evidence that the UK forces are thinking and working together to fight the next wars and not sit around jawing away about the last one.

The centre will ensure the Armed Forces' capabilities, equipment and force structures are suitable for the world our Armed Forces are likely to face in future to ...

" ....provide cross-dimensional analysis of the future context for Defence, from current operations out to 30 years."

or as they succintly add in Editors notes for the Press ;

Analyse, assess and articulate the framework within which future military capabilities and force structures are developed, giving high level direction on the evolution of capabilities.

Initiate, formulate and validate concepts to shape coherent capability development. Capability is led by concepts.

Not forgetting to ...

Articulate and provide doctrine at the strategic, operational and Joint tactical levels that incorporates enduring principles and best practice; ensure coherence betweenJTTPs (?) produced by delegated sponsor authorities and higher-level doctrine.

Whilst they all co-operate ....

Develop, articulate and promote the Defence role in crises and conflict as part of the multi-agency Comprehensive Approach.

..and most omportantly don't break the law....

Maintain legal compliance and sustain a favourable legal environment for Defence activity and capability.

Information about the DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007- 2036 here - see footnote

Lord Patel welcomed the arrival of the evidence of this overdue approach last year

"Military might is a sign of strength, but the US military is not invincible worldwide. America's use of force as both first and last resort is a sign of profound systemic weakness. "

Perhaps the British Armed Forces are starting to look at the next war instead if fighting the last one .. lets hope that they take the lessons .. the current shambles in Afghanistan suggest they haven't - beats hiring killers as they did in Northern Ireland ...apparently.

Footnote - looking at their website Page source this may be found, which we trust does not represent the forward thinking ,"enduring principles and best practice"

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Anonymous said...

You are looking at the wrong page. The link is here


The DCDC is not part of the Defence Academy, merely co-located.

ziz said...

Dear Blimp

I never cease to be amazed at the depth of scrutiny these pages receive.

YOu are of coursecorrect ... it appears that my smart arse technical staff could not resist the opportunity to advertise the authentic Source Code of our Military elites.

Techies ...the sort of people who think thre are 10 sorts of people - those who think in binary and those who can't.

Despite all this - if what is said is true and they do what they say they will - which is never certain, it is evidence that military intelligence is not an oxymoron.

For which reason the forthcoming chat by Genl Richards with the Senlis crowd looks as though it could be interesting.

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