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Monday, January 15, 2007

UK Foreign Office to use Jewish immigration proces - Law of Return?

Lord Patel first knew Lord Triesman in the 80's when he was a raving and poisonous Trot. He has been quite effective at the Foreign Office - certainly better than the dumb, clueless, gormless, brainless Margaret Beckett and has now been given a new and novel job.

Prime Minister's Special Envoy on Returns , (Evidently a specialist on the Law of Return - see Israel Ministry of Immigration ) which sounds like one of the funny men in garters who appears at Royal Weddings and Coronations an dis put away in a cupboard by the herald Alexander Extraordinary until the next won. His office however it's foundation to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) Review ( 32 pages of ....Fair, effective, transparent and trusted - Rebuilding confidence in our immigration system) published by Johnny Head "in the sand" Reid on July 25th 2006 setting out the cross-government approach to the challenges of migration, and recommended the appointment of a Special Envoy on Returns .

You will remember the IND secures our borders (?) prevents abuse of immigration laws (?) and manges migration to "boost" (??????) the UK.

Apparently this jew will ...

" ...... step up our efforts to deal with barriers to remove those who are here illegally and will give greater impetus to our close collaboration with foreign governments and international partners."

In another words he is there to ;

1. Soothe Ambassadors
2. Convince newspaper editors that the Gubment means bizniz on wogs coming over from Calais
3. Keep an eye on any Muslims
4 ..er.. well...that's it

When he opened the envelope at breakfast over Matzos and marmalade he apparently said..

"I am delighted to be the Prime Minister's Special Envoy on Returns. Migration is a key priority for cross-government action. We know the benefits migration can bring to the UK economy and society. But to do this we need to maintain the integrity of our immigration system. Ensuring that immigration offenders can be and are returned to their countries of origin plays an important role in sustaining public confidence."

Meanwhile Liam Byrne, the unsavory Home Office Immigration Minister, whose main job in life is to prevent Immigration said ;

" Lord Triesman ...blah...blah ... vital that we seek international solutions .... huge challenges ........ this era of mass global migration. This new role will ....... place a responsibility .... countries ....... immigration concerns to accept back blah ...blah."

"I look forward to continuing our close cooperation with FCO(Note this post was announced by 10 Downing Street) to return those who have no right to be here back to their country of origin."

So according to the IND (see page 24) This is the start of a process. Consultation with the people who work in IND and UKvisas, and with key stakeholders and partners throughout the UK and around the world, will be crucial in transforming the system.

In the meantime, any immediate comments on this document are welcome ;
These can be sent to - indreviewcomments@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk


IND Review Comments
Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Home Office
Apollo House
36 Wellesley Road
Croydon CR9 3RR

Which sounds awfully like .. anyone got any bright ideas. Best so far is Jewish Lord Triesman pop off to Tel Aviv with the PM's other personal Envoy another Jew, called Lord Levy (always assuming the Police haven't kept his passport) and have a word with their Immigration services about how they keep anyone out of the country who fails to meet strict criteria - they must be a practising Jew.

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