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Saturday, February 03, 2007

21/7 - Bombers gave no thought to HSE guidelines ! Amazing pictures - The Kitchen from HELL!!

This is the sickening image of a dirty stove at 58 Curtis House, ninth floor of a run down tower block in New Southgate, N London. presented in evidence against the 21/7 bombers ... coverage of which seems to have slipped off the tabloid's pages.

"Bang to rights Sarge." ..."What chance they did a Risk Analysis to meet HSE requirements ?"

Bloody Terrists. Lock 'em up and throw away the key. Haven't they heard of Mr Muscle ? Gets rid of the toughest stains .... but don't forget to wear your Marigolds.


Anonymous said...

My Lord Postman Patel reported that the police had to destroy the bombs. Did they do this immediately, or did they take them away and destroy them? If so, who did the risk analysis for this process? Where is it? Can the HSE satisfy the public that one was done? If the bombs had to be stored prior to disposal; were the appropriate guidelines followed, and if so, what was the hazard category of the bombs for storage purposes?

Shutter said...

This is an edited report from various Press rports of 24th January 2007.

Claire McGavigan, described as a senior case officer at the Forensic Explosives Laboratory in Fort Halstead, Kent, told the court she had tested samples of a gel-like substance which oozed from a rucksack that Ramzi Mohammed had left after fleeing a Northern line carriage on July 21 2005.

Samples of the gel-like mixture of hydrogen peroxide and chapati flour were stored in special anti-static bags, placed in water and then in plastic boxes, she said, explaining that she went to inspect it five days later.

"I noticed that one of the exhibits had quite a lot of condensation on the inside of the packaging and there was smoke circulating around the inside of the bag," she said and went to she went to fetch the (un-named) principal forensic investigator.

"We went back into the building, got a hose and sprayed water over the outside of the bag. We opened up the bag and hosed the inside ... with water to make absolutely sure there was no reaction. Some of the material had burnt and was black and charred. It burnt through three layers of packaging and left a hole in the packaging."

She said the rucksack that originally contained the charge was "torn and tattered", adding that it looked as though it had been in an explosion.

She also claimed the bomb failed "due to the design of the detonator, which was made from the explosive triacetone triperoxide, or TATP."

"It appears that the most likely reason was that the initiator containing the TATP wasn't actually powerful enough to set off the main charge in this particular case," Ms McGavigan told the court.

It is unwise to rush to judgement because no doubt the defence will have some expert witnesses. One is struck by the apparent absence of any pre-determined and proven way of handing such evidence - shirley we have been fiddling with explosive materials from the IRA / UVF / Angry Brigade for decades.

Preparation of explosive matter is relatively simple - manufacturing spark fired detonators from home made TATP or similiar is quite another level of expertise.

Significantly there is (apart from a photograph of the explosive vomit and the DIY screw packs ) no detail / photographs... perhaps to prevent the education of the public.

Re : HSE ... Risk Analysis ....

"We went back into the building, got a hose and sprayed water over the outside of the bag...."et seq

..and this is the Forensic Explosives Laboratory in Fort Halstead, Kent !!??

Sounds more like Keystone Kops.

Shutter said...


This is how the lady forensic scientist described the effect of the bomb material if it exploded - which she happily hosed down - presumably with water ?

The bomb was placed in a plastic container with shrapnel such as nails and screws taped to the outside, which would have caused significant harm, she said.

"Any fragment travelling at that speed and possibly very hot is very dangerous and can obviously embed itself in a person and cause serious injury," Ms McGavigan told the court.

"There would be serious damage to the train itself, there would also be serious injuries, quite possibly death to people in the area at the time.

"If they did not suffer death, serious injuries such as injuries to internal organs, loss of limbs, effects on your hearing - very serious injuries indeed."

verbatim from Guradian report24/1/07

We should be proud that forensic scientists in our pay have such reckless disregard for their own safety.

Anonymous said...

A quick googling comes up with this which would be the opinion of most chemists, "Any one else a bit curious about the composition of the explosive that the tube bombers have been reported to use? I have worked using concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide ,100 vol, to decompose organic materials for analysis.
I can not understand how a mix of concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide and flour did not begin reacting as soon as it was mixed. I would have expected such an unstable mix to spontaneously ignite, there would be no chance to transport it any where. Also , how did they concentrate the Peroxide? the reported answer that they boiled down huge quantitys of dilute peroxide on a kitchen stove also seems unbeliveable!
In my expierience Hydrogen Peroxide decomposes and loses Oxygen on heating, you end up with water!"

It doesn't make sense. Especially when compared with the expertise necessary to place the nails in plastic bags.

Shutter said...

Follered yer Google and this ad popped up with it !

Hydrogen Peroxide
Purchase on-line 35% Food Grade 100ml = £6.25, 500ml = £18.95

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