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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Answer your door / any door from anywhere

Wireless startup Waleli will sell you a kit consisting an electronic lock, a GSM-enabled doorbell, and a SIM (subscriber identification module) for the GSM phone / palm pilot device.

Wherever you are when someone presses your doorbell, it rings you and you can deal with them - enter a pincode, it will open the door and let them in.

Locked out ? simply press yor doorbell and enter your pin number - Open sesame!

More at http://www.gsmdoorbell.com/

Waleli started up in 2002 in Amsterdam and Shell is a shareholder along with with venture capital groups.

It is available now in Holland where one of the regional health authorities in the Netherlands is trialling the Waleli GSM Doorbell as a way of allowing nurses to respond more quickly to calls from home patients without first having to drive to a central key-holding depot to collect a front door key.

In this trial, when the nurse arrives at the patient’s front door and presses the GSM doorbell, the call is taken by the regional call centre, and the operator will be able to open the door. This approach saves important time in responding to emergency calls from house-bound patients. (Watch video (wmv)of this project) - prevents loss, theft of keys etc.,

Sounds a bit like a solution looking for a problem, couriering documents, money...drugs ?


Stef said...

Possibly the most useful invention since these...


GPS Enabled Wind Chimes

Vallar said...

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Anonymous said...

How long before they're compulsory?

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