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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brilliant writer's past exposed - Paul Delarie-Staines, Hedge Fund Manager extraordinaire - drinker of vin ordinaire

Our new researcher / intern, Toni Fabuloso (pic) was lurking around in the archives of the Guradian and discovered the following piece of incendiary, but exceedingly old, ..er ... journalism ...

The Guardian
31 May 1986
Tory student leader in ‘ racist ‘ party link / Paul Delarie-Staines of FCS attempts to form pact with British National Party in Hull
By David Rose

It starts ..." A leader of the Federation of Conservative Students wrote to an organiser of the British National Party proposing joint ‘direct action’ to disrupt the meetings of leftwing students. Secrecy, he emphasised, was essential: ‘The Reds would simply go wild if they got to hear of a BNP-FCS link. I would personally be in danger of being expelled from the Conservative Party.’ ...Mr Delarie-Staines, who is in his first year of a degree course in business information studies, wrote on May 22 to Mr Ian Walker, a BNP organiser in Hull. zzzz ... more >>>

The BNP is of course a source of fascination to all blogistes, as they have an ex member (?), the unlikely named Mr Cottage, durrently in court in Manchester, (North of London), up for posssession of Explosives, a stated desire (but probably not a unique one) to kill Tony Blair and possession of 2 tonnes of ball bearings.

Those interested in the BNP supported Albion Life Insurance company should visit their Website here. Fascinating. Those neighbours unaware of Mr Cottage's activities might well have benefited from a policy - but as visitors to the site will discover there is more to the tale.

...and on that bombshell!


Lobster Blogster said...

Any signs that Mr Staines has asked you to withdraw this?

Shutter said...

Semen Staines - outtasight - there are at least a dozen more post of the article, but more of the colourful characters colourful past keeps being publicised.

My he has been a busy chappie taking libertarians it seems.

Would it be unreasoinable to imagine that an excess of youthful enthusiasm for "e" may have dislodged a brain synapse or three ?

One wonders what his mother thinks.

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