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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Guido Fawkes and his Coke Conspirators Part 3

Sunny at Pickled Politics (timed 1.18 GMT) now comments(No 46) on his original article and as a result of contact by Guido Fawkes ..."

Guido has sent me a letter claiming to be from David Rose issuing an apology. I can’t ascertain whether this letter is genuine but when I spoke to people at the Guardian yesterday they stated, and I have this on record, that someone spoke to David Rose who doesn’t recall issuing any apology.

Further to that, the letter doesn’t say anything about the original Guardian article, written in 1986, to be a pack of lies. In other words, the letter was indeed written. So the Guardian article has not been retracted. I’m simply publishing the article and am within my legal rights to do so."

The original article in the Guradian can be read in its entirety at PP's site.

Looking for a voice was similiarly woken to the re-run of the Profile program on Guido Fawkes blog, it's author and comments about it.

tygerland comments (and has a fascinating and seperate story of Cambridge undergraduate fined £80 for erecting an apparently anatomically correct snow penis and balls to while away the longeurs of study. Political Hack makes an interesting point.

The Scrybe at ThaLondon Diaries reposts a choice article by Paul Delaire Staines (Described briefly as running (?) a hedge fund in Tokyo. His hobbies are watching the sun rise over Mount Fuji and chasing women) entitled "A Kinder, Gentler, Kind of Libertarianism: Reflections on Two Decades of Libertarianism" in Free Life No.37, September 2000 about how reading Popper's The Open Society and its Enemies,from Plato to Marx, in 1980 transmogrified him - the subject of Mr Bargs morning piece on BBC 4 this week,

"By the time I was an undergraduate in the mid-eighties, having joined the Federation of Conservative Students, and somehow affecting to wear fake bow-ties and cheap suits (whilst endlessly debating the merits of Anarcho-Capitalism versus Minimal Statism), I had at last found a small number of like minded souls. Marc Henri Glendenning the then national chairman of FCS spoke a language I could understand ....."

What a cunt. No wonder he is a serial self abuser.


Stef said...

Paul Staines in no Popper

He's probably sniffed a few though

Anonymous said...

all fascinating. Does anyone really care though? I thought he said he was a cunt and proud. He's not standing for Parliament.

Shutter said...

Yes. It does matter. Cunts like this get the national exposure - BBC profile no less, allegedly representing all that is best about blogging.

An empty vessel, and cracked to boot. This mouthpiece of the Metropolitan muttering clases is thankfully exposed for what he is - a scion of privilege, but also a ranting fantasist, liar and drunk.

There are, out there , many, many excellent blogistes exposing wrongs, correcting injustice, watching the watchers, stimulating debate, promoting a world of ideas, entertaining and educating, defending damsels and providing on occasion, first class culinary assistance.

Pity that bull didn't gore the bastard to death... all in the cause of freedom of expression you understand.

Stef said...

I wouldn't be surprised if half the blogs and sites I regularly read are maintained by individuals who are either insane, pursuing a hidden agenda or supported by one intelligence organisation or the other.

After all, why should the Internet be any different to any other communications medium?

When a blog becomes as widely referred to and commented on as Staines' blog now is it seems fair to me for concerned parties to point out sins and omissions in that blog, in the same way that so many people do with newspapers or TV stations

Stef said...

actually, make that more than half

f0ul said...

Staines is much more readable than many other blogs - and that is why he is popular. He's also got the right contacts to make sure his blog gets read.

Yes, there are many better blogs out in the ether of the net, but they are just not worth reading - Tim Ireland's Bloggerheads is a very good example of this!

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