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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jack Straw tried to shag dead MP - Amazing Pictures

The Editor of Screws of the World after seeing his Royal reporter royally shagged by the High Court now believes that Rt.Hon. Jack Straw, serial liar, warmonger and war crininal offered to shag Fiona Jones, who was at the time Labour MP for Newark .

"In 2005 Fiona told the News of the World how she was approached by a Cabinet minister who asked her for sex in return for a top Government job."..." apparently he described her performance to conference as brilliant" is what they said on Sunday.

Now can anybody seriously believe that anyone would take the offer of a shag from Jack Straw seriously ? Let's face it, can you take anything this guy has ever said seriously?

Consider the Top Secret memo /Foreign and Commonwealth Office /25 March 2002

SECRET AND PERSONAL from Jack to Tony before the Faustian pact was sealed at Crawford that fateful day in April 2002.

"The Iraqi regime plainly poses a most serious threat to its neighbours ....." Yeah, yeah.

Apparently he was buttonholed yesterday and asked, "C'mon Jack, Fess up man, did you shag Fiona Bruce man ?" to which he replied, " I'm glad you asked me that , ... now ... now ... please don't interrupt me .. this really is an interesting question...." but the interlocutor like Fermat hasd something more pressing to do, like catch a bus.

Apparently Jack is not taking calls, especially not from Condi.

Jack Straw is 69

Challenged about the Truth of this the reports of this very odd behaviour, Lord Patel conducted a survey of women, 13 current lady Labour MP's , 22 women selected randomly at Picadilly Station Manchester, 3 nurses, 2 Virgin Raiways "cabin attendants"and one glamorous unmarried lady Member of the House of Lords. They were asked if they would accept a job in the Cabinet if he shagged them, they all replied very firmly NO. The Lady peer did say that Tony had fucked her AS Lord Patel remarked, "Babs , Tony's fucked everybody.

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Jack Straw, he's very worried if he were mentioned in this context, he thinks he'll be finished...


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