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Friday, February 09, 2007

Liberty ! What crimes are committed in thy name ?

Slim, doe eyed, media celebritythe gamin, soulful waif, Sami Chakrabarti of Liberty has written a letter to Rt. Hon. Dr. John Reid MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department, Home Office dated 6th February 2007 (PDF file)expressing concern about ..."by suggestions from community, media and (most-importantly) police sources, that so-called “Whitehall briefings” about operational matters and ...... asking whether special advisers may have briefed certain journalists “off the record”, etc., and enclosing an FOI request ....

FOI request from Liberty to the Home Office Direct Communications Unit dated 6th February 2007(PDF file)

I am writing to request the following information under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000:

1. Details of all media organisations, specifying the newspaper, journal, magazine, radio station or television channel, with whom the Home Secretary’s political advisers between Tuesday 30th January and Thursday 1st February 2007 inclusive, discussed the alleged plot by Islamist extremists to kidnap one or more members of the armed forces, and the police’s investigation or impending investigation into the alleged plot, and/or who was briefed in relation to the same between the same dates, and/or to whom information, in whatever form, in relation to the same was provided by them between the same dates; .....etc.,"

This would of course be the same John Reid who was seen on TV saying that people should be "very careful" about what they might say about the extraordinarily well publicised raids and arrests in Birmingham of Muslims intent on beheading one of their brethren who had sold his soul to the infidel and joined their Army in the fight against the Brothers of Islam...as the Murdocj press and the others of the Gubment's media echo chamber would obediently print on the following day.

Read carefully what is requested .... if meetings happened , the cursory greeting in a corridor, urinal, by the water cooler, at a bus stop, car park ... nothing would be written down, and as journalists will never reveal sources, and Home Office officials will deny everything , .... nothing.

Which might just make the sceptical non-Metropolitan observer think that everybody rides on the same old roundabout, simply taking turns to give it a spin. Sami is an unlikely candidate for the role of Madame Roland , put to the Guillotine by Robespierre in November 1793 who prior to her savage and public beheading flung her immortal words at her accusers.

She would have to remove that carefully and fashionably tied scarf from her beautiful, elegant, swan like neck for a start.

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