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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Liberty ! What crimes are committed in thy name - Redux

John Wadham (57) (pic) was, like Sami Chakrabarti the Director of Liberty. he left them to become the Deputy Chairman of the Independent Police Complains Commission (IPCC). Inspired choice ! A Guardian of freedom keeping their eye on Plod.

Those readers with very long memories will remember that Sir Ian Blair, Senior and Official liar at the Met. wrote a letter to Sir John Gieve ** at the Home Office (a letter whose date was curiously wrong, mistated, misunderstood, a result of a secretaries typographical error etc..) and unilaterally, dishonestly, and illegally impeded the activities of the IPCC for at least 6 days.

During this time, Oh! Dear it was found that all CCTV filllum, hard disks, etc., etc.,from Stockwell Tube had disappeared, sightseers, eye witnesses, sworn to secrecy and threatened not to speak about what they saw etc., etc., Police wrote their hymn sheets to sing to, incontinent SAS men altered their records, gunmen guilty of murder went on holiday and every manner of Press obfuscation, disninformation, misinformation, leaking, briefing went on... not to mention all the big wigs avoiding the game of who knew what, and when, and how.

At the end of all this the IPCC enquiry headed by John Wadham, found that an inoccent man sitting on a tube train had 1/2/3/4/5/6/ /8/9/10/11/12/13 bullets pumped n his head from inches away by highly trained ( soldiers ?) as the result of an industrial accident.

The Met have pleaded guilty to endagering the public and the report will probably never see the light of day.

Worth mentioning this, as some folks feel that Lord Patel has been a bit hard on that beautiful, sweet, evidently independent minded barrister Sami Chakrabarti (37) who worked as a lawyer in the Home Office from 1996 until 2001.

We now know the State recruited, directed, controlled, savage killers, paid them , covered their tracks, facilitated their murders by removing patrols, provided weapons, and ammunition, explosives, training ... yet the idea that the State would stuff an organisation like Liberty or the IPCC with their stooges is somehow a nonsense ?

** Sir John Gieve is a lifelong Arsenal supporter (as was the philosopher and MI6 officer, Freddy Ayer - or was he a Spurs * fan ?) and was Permanent Secretary of the Home Office from 2001 and left in early 2006 to become Deputy Governor for Financial Stability, which was announced shortly after the 7/7 bombings. He was of course involved with the Sun journalist Mr Blunkett and his domestic affairs, mistresses, and their au pair, children, DNA tests, travel arrangements, etc, etc., directly, and indirectly as his wife was Mr Blunkett's solicitor and joined meetings when these matters were discussed.

The current problems of Mr Reid and the cleaning of the Augean Stables of Marsham Street have of course absolutely no connection with the interregnum from 2001 - 2006 whilst this mastermind from New College (PPE) was Permanent Secretary. Perish the thought.

The fact that we saw the trade gap go up by 25% in 2006 (National Statistical office report this week) cannot be attributed to the Deputy Governor for Financial Stability, but it does however have a major impact on the stability of the Pound Sterling.

Fortunately Dubya is doing an even worse job and whilst we don't enjoy the strength of Sterling we have a brief hour of sunshine at dusk due to the decline of the mighty Dollar and the unstoppable rise of the Euro. Which will continue when oil soon reaches US$100 a barrel.

* Spurs - A North London Football team - properly called Tottenham Hotspur

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Stef said...

Worth mentioning this, as some folks feel that Lord Patel has been a bit hard on that beautiful, sweet, evidently independent minded barrister Sami Chakrabarti (37) who worked as a lawyer in the Home Office from 1996 until 2001.

A bit easy surely?

Sounds like controlled opposition, acts like controlled opposition...

She's not a threat to anybody

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