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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Media choice narrows in Manchester - Guardian Media Group grows UK radio empire

Office of Communications, or Ofcom, in a litle noticed announcement Thursday (after reviewing 11 applications) awarded RockTalk 106.1, , a new 12 year FM local commercial radio license for Manchester to begin broadcasting within 2 years.

RockTalk 106.1 is wholly-owned by The Guardian Media Group. It will provide "a speech and rock music service for 35-64 year-olds, which contains a strong commitment to local news, current affairs and interactive debate for the Manchester area = adult population (aged 15+) of around 1,450,000.

RockTalk 106.1, GMG Radio, 1 Sterling Court, Capitol Park, Leeds WF3 1EL.
Contact: Jeff Stephenson Tel: 07710 073021
Email: jeff.stephenson@gmgradio.com

In Manchester, The Guardian Media Group now owns the only daily paper (The Manchester Evening News), a TV station (Channel M), many weekly papers (Observer series etc.,) it has a stake in the Metro free paper - for "time starved individuals ( with Associated Newspapers Limited).

GMG Radio now owns 12 major FM stations covering the majority of the UK population (latest acquisition Saga Radio on 19th Dec 2006 -giving them they claim ,"the largest regional footprint in the UK." ) for example - Jazz FM - (smoothfm London t/a jazzfm.com Co No 1627850 - Reg office - 1 Scott Place, Manchester, M3 3GG). 96.3 Rock Radio started operating in Scotland on 10th January 2007

Brent Hoberman of lastminute.com fame joined GMG as a Director on 24th January 2007 - he also Chairman at Wayn.com, (WAYN - Where Are You Now? Ltd ) a travel and leisure social network with over 7 million members (!!!) - a MySpace wannabee. 6 days later youthful Steve Folwell (30) joined from McKinsey 's media group to take on the new position of Head of Strategy who reports directly to CEO slim elegant, bright Kent University graduate Carolyn McCall (44) - expect some changes.

Pic of CP SCott on bike, founder of the CP Scott Trust which owns the whole shebang.

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