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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Are the Miliband twins Mad ? Is civilisation safe in their hands ?

Environment Secretary David Miliband said on Channel 4 News about the Draft Climate Change Bill : 'With climate change we can't just close our eyes and cross our fingers. We need to step up our action to tackle it, building on our considerable progress so far. And time isn't on our side.

Crossing fingers ? Closing eyes ? ..is this the new Masonic signalling system ... is the sorely harassed Lord Levy .. the increasinly distant Sir Ian Blair and Dame Pauline Neville's Fan Club having an effect. Is he going mad ? Has he gone mad. This is serious but then .....

Ed Miliband, his brother, has told Lord Patel that as Minister for the Third Sector ( WTF !?) the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) (WTF !?) will run a £2million programme to help local authorities harness the potential of the third sector to improve people's lives.

Ed Miliband (pic drumming up ideas), Minister for the Third Sector, said (apparently):

“To bring about genuine culture change we must foster greater understanding – particularly at local level – of the benefits third sector organisations can bring in delivering services that change people's lives for the better."
For more information about this programme or the OTS, please contact Campbell McDonald or Stephen Coomber on 020 7276 0317.

Closed eyes, Climate Changing Rooms, Third Sector, culture changes. Any ideas what all this is about? Please contact Lord Patel. URGENTLY

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sam_m said...

The "Third Sector" = Voluntary Organisations + Social Enterprises = Charities providing jobs for social workers (it isn't a kindness really, those people should be helped into proper jobs).
2 million quid is nothing. It isn't going to buy you much of a leafleting campaign.

The ascendancy of the Milliband of brothers suggests the UK is moving towards a Kuwaiti model of democracy.

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