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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shatt al Arab - Gulf of Tonkin incident Mark II ?

On the March 26th edition of US ABC TV show "The View," co-host Rosie O’Donnell discussed the Iranian seizure of British sailors.

ROSIE O’DONNELL: But interesting with the British sailors, there were 15 British sailors and Marines who apparently went into Iranian waters and they were seized by the Iranians. And I have one thing to say: Gulf of Tonkin, Google it. Okay.

: Some other time. Some other time.

O’DONNELL: Well, you know...

: It could be a decision making time. It's a very difficult situation. It's at the United Nations. It’s being examined now. Should there be sanctions? Militarily, we certainly don't seem to be in the position to do something militarily. But it is a decision making time.

: Yes, but it’s very interesting too that, you know, these guys, they went into the water by mistake right at a time when British and American, you know, they're two, they’re pretty much our biggest ally and we're considering whether or not we should go into war with Iran.

: But the U.N. was about to sanction them, also have an embargo against Iran. And the, and the timing [unintelligible] so they distracted the whole world with this.

: Right and they may be about to expel the inspectors right now, too, which could be considered [unintelligible]

: Right or it could be just the Gulf of Tonkin, which you should all Google.

The BBC fillum the sassy young naval lady the day before the incident, working in an area never previously patrolled according to the Iraqi Government, the UK Government claim there is an internationally recognised boundary when the two sovereign nations Iraq and Iran have not agreed one .... and all this is contrived as causus belli ?

Shirley not ?

Curiously if you Google "Gulf of Tonkin Rosie O'Donnell" you will get 32,000 hits but espite huge numbers of US press / TV references yuo will search in vain for any comment in the UK Press /TV.

Now Rosie O'Donnell may be fat. Rosie O'Donnell may be a lousy actress. She has publicly sated that 9/11 was an inside job.... she is right again ... and it has scared the shit out of the goose stepping right wing neo-cons... caught yet again with their trousers round their ankles.

... and don't forget to Google Tonkin incident when president Johnson contrived the incident which eventually led to the Vietnam war, thus bypassing Congressional control of the US war making machine.

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Anonymous said...

Also ask why the EU wants to set up their own GPS system, noting that the UK are basing their excuse on GPS readings. The GPS is a military innovation, ran and controlled by the US military. ...

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