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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sally Clark : Coroners inquest result delayed for tests

The Guradian has a PA story that the HM Coroner for Essex & Thurrock , former barrister Caroline Beasley-Murray ( She held the inquest into the death of Stuart Lubbock in Lionel Barrymore's swimming pool) who is holding the inquest into the death of Sally Clark has been told that further tests are needed to establish why she died. It appeared she died of natural causes, but further medical tests were needed to establish a definitive cause of death.

The body had been found by a friend at the family home in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, said by the Evening Standard to be her 8 year old son's nanny. Two pathologists carried out post-mortem tests today, one , Home Office pathologist Nat Cary - had been instructed by the Clark family.

Elsewhere disordered and confused minds rail relentlessly against Prof. Meadow and any other pediatrician who suggests that mothers injure and kill their children in the face of evidence that they do. Despite the fact that Prof. Meadow's unchallenged statistical nonsense at the trial had little, if any affect, on the decision of the Jury at the trial and none at all on the Judges at the 2 subsequent Appeals.

Two failures were the cause of Sally Clark's wretched 3 years in prison, that of her highly paid but wholly incompetent legal team and the inability of Dr Williams firstly when asked in the trial to tell the truth, and secondly when he failed to show up to explain himself.

NB The £20 MN 3 year long case of the torture and murder of Baha Mousa in Basra by the British Army , for which the Crown prosecution case was led by Julian Bevan QC (Sally's brief in the trial and 1st Appeal). The result it appears will be that the one person , who pleaded guilty, will probably face a fine of £200. A triumph of the law.

Defending ? Prosecuting ? Want to lose ? Call For Bevan QC of Cloth Court the cloth headed advocate. Lord Goldsmith of Iraq & BAE knew what he was doing , prosecute to keep the public happy - lose to keep the Army happy.

Everyone's a winner Babe !

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