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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Secondhand Smoke - Invisible Killer

Smoking is a filthy and fatal habit, it kills the smoker and helps to increase the chances of respiratory and lung diseases, including cancer, of other people. The beautiful and talented Public Health Minister Caroline Flint (see pic) has launched a “Secondhand Smoke – the Invisible Killer” advertising campaign today which will expend vast amounts of money on re-stating a truth that smokers know.

Sir Walter Raleigh is venerated as an adventurer, navigator and explorer yet he brought us the most addictive and lethal drug that condemns the foolish and weak-weilled to a lifelong slow and hideous suicid, from which few escape.

He also brought us the antecedent of the fatty chip – the potato – the principal cause of sluggish, idle, overweight, obese children.

The immensely expensive ads featuring a family wedding culminate no doubt in a smoke free, junket in Westminster to coincide with National No Smoking Day on Wednesday 14th March: nosmokingday.org.uk

To stop smoking, call the NHS Helpline free on 0800 169 0 169. (It costs 7p a minute to book an appointment to see your GP however) Details of their local NHS Stop Smoking Service are available by visiting gosmokefree.co.uk texting ‘GIVE UP’ and your full postcode to 88088 or asking at their local GP practice, pharmacy or hospital.

This post is brought to you as a Free Public Service Announcement.


sam_m said...

Where is the evidence that second hand smoke is a "killer"??

Jefed said...

The health risks from secondhand smoke were set out in the 1998 report of the Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (SCOTH), which concluded that exposure to secondhand smoke is a cause of among other conditions:
• lung cancer
• ischaemic heart disease
• asthma attacks
• childhood respiratory disease
• and sudden infant death syndrome.
The 1998 report recommended restrictions on smoking in public places and workplaces to protect non-smokers

Since the 1998 report further evidence has been published. The Committee has reviewed the new evidence in 2004 and its conclusion is that the evidence published since 1998 reinforces and strengthens the conclusions of the SCOTH report at that time. It also draws attention to new evidence of an association between secondhand smoke and reduced lung function. The latest report from SCOTH was published alongside the Choosing Health White Paper.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, to cap that, the Centre for Disease Control have decided that ther ei9s no safe exposure level to secondhand smoke and it's been labelled a Grade A carcinogen (along with asbestos) by the EPA in America. But surely common sense just tells you it's not a good idea. Even the smokers want a filter on their cigarettes, the rest of us don't get a choice.

Shutter said...

Perhaps HMG should publish 60 Million cards with the COPD treatment graph in posting of Monday which shows that there is currently no teratment to reverse or stop lung function decay.

Not only is smoking a filthy disgusting fucking habit, it is supremely selfish and anti-social.

A mother fips a dug to feed the sprog ...help help !!! has a fag and no-one turns a hair.

Curious values.

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