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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Zimbabwe : Government prepare to squash unrest.

The Zimbabwe government has cancelled leave for police and army officers and put them on alert to quell protests as poitical unrest develops.

A Memorandum has been sent to all police stations:

"Cancellation of Leave and Placement of Members on Standby", REF : MJ57/2007,

From : Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri:

"All police officers granted leave should return to their respective stations with immediate effect and be deployed as commanded by their provincial commanders.

"The dress order of the day will be full riot gear until further notice and those members who remain at stations should be alert for urgent calls of action."
Gold Price rises. Picture of the then Foreign Secretary - Lord Patel apologises for the quality of the picture the light was very dark when he took this picture.


Anonymous said...

Is that a 'masonic handshake' I see Jack proffering?

sam_m said...

In that photo, isn't Robert Mugabe shaking hands with a notorious war criminal who, in March 2003, called on the President of Iraq to go into exile or have his country destroyed??
Often, we judge people by the company they keep. Mr Mugabe could be more circumspect in his choice of associates.

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