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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Barlinnie inmates ready to welcome John McTernan

The Sunday Herald reports that the new TNS System 3 snapshot,which was conducted for Scottish Television, gave the Scottish Nationalists a surprise 5 point lead in constituencies and an astonishing 11 point lead on the regional vote.

If the result on May 3rd reflected this, the SNP would have 51 seats in the Scottish parliament and Alex Salmond will be installed as the Prime Minister of an independent Scotland.

Now the question is , what will Scots born John McTernan go to prison for ... fucking up the Labour campaign North of the Border or being the author of..

Item C : Material related to Mr John McTernan, director of political operations at Downing Street..... a fascinating detail in the report of the Judgement on March 14th in the Times of - Attorney-General v British Broadcasting Corporation

The talented Boy John has of course wide experience as Head of Strategy for Scotland's former first minister, Henry McLeish.'It's an extremely rich experience,' he says (an unexpected remark as Hmaish had to resign having muddled his accounts) . 'You get unparalleled access to government at the highest levels. If you like politics - and most of the people who become advisers are complete addicts - this is the ultimate job. It's like The West Wing, (!) only you're in it instead of watching it.

It's incredibly insecure, but so are the careers of senior politicians. - you get three months' redundancy, that's all. You wouldn't do it if you were at all risk-averse.'
Quite how incredibly insecure it is, he is going to find out in 34 days - especially his £80,000 salary plus exes. It doesn't help that Mr McConnell who is described as the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland endorse his part time role in ensuring the sinking of Labour's chances in the land of the obese alcoholics.

Wit and Wisdom of John McTernan

The establishment of the Scottish Parliament has turned out to be an unequivocal, if unexpected, victory for progressive politics.

Make my Vote Count

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