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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Craig Murray's Diplomacy lessons for Tony Blair : 101

We can soon expect to see Craig on bended knee receiving some sort of glittering honour from Her Majesty for the (free) part he played in demonstrating how diplomacy actually works.

The next Showbiz award goes to Mr Ahmendinejad for leaving his last, final and stunning trick to the end, afer days of tension sedulously built up by the world wide media - built up whilst his Press Conferences were continually called and cancelled, whilst Dubya threw in his three pennorth, as did Blessed Margaret. Lord Patel did however hint last week at the possibility that ace showman Ahm in a Dinner Jacket might upstage Tony and return the useless semen.

I think we can safely assume that that is the end of that, the hostages will be recovering in the bosom of their families, undergoing a deep de-briefing, medicals, respect their privacy, simply doing their job, brave lads and lassie.Royal |Navy enquiry , months to report (like the Comet/Nimrod that fell out of the sky- the strange case of the suicidal MP investigating the strange case of the 2 SAS men in Basra - the short life of Commanding officers in Afghanistan....)

No questions about how they were captured, why they happily admitted they had transgressed Iranian territory. What was the name of the Indian vessel, the owners , why the Missing Lynx was ... er .. missing, why the Iranian vessels (4 - 5 ?) didn't show on the radar, exactly how does the Royal Navy navigate ?

And certainly NO questions about the tourists(?) from the Embassy in Sudan whose bullet riddled vehicles attested to a violent atack but have been miraculously returned to us by the Grace of God. Struck dumb by their horrifying ordeal.

Well. No questions. OK ? Who was the guy missing in the pic above - vanished into thin air ?

PS UPDATE Jon Snow's office called to ask for his contribution in having a fireside chat live on national TV to the influential Dr Ali Larijani of Irans National Security council to be mentioned. This appeared to put a banger up the bum of Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Tony Blair's urbane to the point of narcolepsy,foreign affairs private secretary, spoke (eventiually) to Dr Larijani by phone. (perhaps the No 10 staff were explainig to him how it worked)

Not a good day for Tony and Vaughan is out for 1 against Sri Lanka. Now England have lost by two runs. Anyone murdered yet ?


al hadenda said...

"...the tourists(?) from the Embassy in Sudan whose bullet riddled vehicles attested to a violent atack but have been miraculously returned to us by the Grace of God."
'Tis a small point and more of geographical interest than historical but if your reference is to the "emabassy staff and friends" who went missing on or about 1 March they were from Addis Ababa. I don't know of a Brit embassy east of Khartoum and Sudan is sepearated from Eritraea / Ethiopia by mountains, passable only with a trusty guide.
Alas, as the UK is now a pariah in this part of the world, you may no more visit the beauties of Kassala or Gedaref. Mahlesh.

Shutter said...

Many thanks. The fact checkers will be flayed. TB needs diplomacy lessons and we need geo-political lessons.

You got the message anyway.

sam_m said...

'Nother Update: Re. your Q. "Who was the guy missing in the pic above.."

The full lineup can be found at one of their many "fan" sites.

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