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Monday, April 02, 2007

Danish teens success in Mallorca

The talented Danish cyclist Mie Bekker Lacota 18 , (Team Flexpoint : Denmark) was second (by 6 points) to Oz Katherine Bates in the women's points race on Sunday evening at the World Cycling Championships in Mallorca..

This was the first World medal ever won by a female Danish cyclist.


Stef said...

and you would have thought the weight of all that make-up would have slowed her down

septicisle. said...

Quite. Looks like she applied it with a spade.

D Brown said...

Staggering my way through the testosterone lashed tomcat spray of the comments here, I observe that the Postman has made no mention of Finland in this competition??
He's also made no mention of the continuing success of the British contingent (seven gold medals). Cheesecake and beefcake spotters may admire the qualities of Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy amongst the many stars.
I would not detract from the achievements of Denmark , though for some of us the name Lacota will forever be synonymous with Wounded Knee.

Shutter said...

It is the editorial policy here that we wish to grasp the straws in the wind, the hints of the future, the events presage change.

We are reliably informed that the Danish bucyclistes regardless of their cosmetic habits (there are some who say that the excess slipstreams to cover the goggles of the following rider - a cunning Scandinavian ploy) represent a major threat to the triumphant British.

We are not a results service , but if you read carefully and often you might have been able to place your mortgage on Ireland before they played Pakistan... a sort of pre-results service.

As it is you might safely place a large sum on Plod failing to identify, find or arrest the 2 large Caribbean gents who are said to have had a chat with Mr Woolmer.

Failing that a few sovs on he SNP getting 55 seats, and the Milibandwagon to unseat Gordy....

Oh! ..and one day Manchester City Council, anxious to have a casino might , but who may now be thwarted, may now have the money to properly repair the leaks to the Velodrome.

However we can rerveal that the cause of the problems in the Shatt al Arab and the apparent problems of where exactly they were. It was the smirky smoking blond mum - she was reading the map.

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