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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Des Browne and Loose Bowel Syndrome

Des "I speak your weight" Browne, our erstwhile Minister of Defence reflects the Peter Principle of management theory. This is my old friend Pete who reckons any Member of Parliament is by definition, promoted beyond the level of their ability.

As a provincial Ayrshire solicitor , conveyancing your cowshed or dealing with your divorce, Des is probably modestly competent. In dealing with the great affairs of State, in coping with egregious shits of doubtful parentage like Lord Drayson, the Prima Donna's of the 3 services, whose internecine warfare is continually erupting in public , he is a babe in arms.

On top of this he has No 10's devious media circus heading for the horizon (along with prime amnesiac Tony) , the PCC and warring Press owners and their editors stirring the ordure as only they know how, aggrieved jolly jack tars and their families - and maybe even that ex military chap from the D Notice committee on his back.

Unsupported by the proximity of parliamentary colleagues he is very much on his own.

Hence no doubt, many visits to the water closet this weekend (Always presuming they now have flushing toilets in the Doon Valley).

The question, is WWDB do ?

Here at Patel Towers we see he has 2 options.

1) He makes a swift, short statement outlining very briefly the cock-up, communications SNAFU's and tenders his resignation. This settles and buries the matter for the instant and everything is left until the various committees, enquiries report - which they probably never will.

2) He treats us to a detailed forensic analysis of events starting with Invasion Day 2003 , the Queen's Regulations, phases of the moon, blusters about stolen iPOD's , human rights, and explains that while he accepts respsonsibility he is not ..er... actually ..er .. responsible.

It is evident that events in the Middle East and elsewhere the Al Quaeda aligned organisation have upped their game in recent weeks. Whatever the view of the legality, good sense, of the original Iraqi invasion it is essential that the current military effort is undertaken with a clear solid vision.

Let us face it, if the Coalition of the Dishonest does not succeed in controlling Iraq - a prospect that seems more unlikely as every day passes - if a determined assault is made on the Green Zone - the Plain of Jars will be seen as a picnic.

The next 6/8 weeks are critical - not to the success of the invasion, but the survival of the coalition land forces. This will result in greater dependence on massive aerial superiority expressed in a terminal blitzkreig.... whose intensity and extension will become uncontrollable by the forces of democracy (viz the secret bombing of Cambodia,Laos) ... which is exactly what the bunch of sex maniacs and crooks in Tel Aviv want.

So Des takes his lunch pail... who gets the job ? ..... step forward Jack Straw.


Anonymous said...

FYI Des Browne is *far* from a provincial ayrshire solicitor. Prior to entering politics he was one of the most respected Advocates in Scotland. Maybe, just MAYBE you should get your facts straight before mouthing off?

Shutter said...

Curiously your views are not shared by others with a wide knowledge and experience of Scottish legal and parliamentary affairs

Monday, 5 April, 2004 BBC Online "BBC Scotland's political correspondent, Glenn Campbell, said: "Serious, thorough, careful. Mr middle of the road. These are the words that seem to sum up Des Browne.

"If that makes him sound like a typical Scottish solicitor, then that's because he probably is.

"His background, though, is working class. He was born and bred in Ayrshire, where he attended St. Michael's Academy in Kilwinning. "

Even more curious is that in the BBC on line profile of Sunday, 15 April 2007, on Des's appointment to his present post they use the same terms

BBC Scotland's political correspondent, Glenn Campbell has described Mr Browne as "serious, thorough and careful", adding that he could be summed up as "Mr Middle of the Road".

"If that makes him sound like a typical Scottish solicitor, then that's because he probably is."

Mr Browne was born in Ayrshire in 1952, where he attended St Michael's Academy in Kilwinning. He later attended Glasgow University. "

Admitted to the Scottish Bar in 1994 he went into Parliament in 1997 as PPS to his good friend Donald Dewar and has been in some sort of Government office since, so has had little chance to display his advocacy skills. Try as we might here at Patel Towers we cannot find anyone say anything about the style, skill or success of his advocacy and would welcome any help to allow us to re-consider our view of this Scottish dumpling.

Should you want to learn more of his efforts in child cases Lord Hope's views on the 433 page report on the Ayrshire cases (Feb 28th 1995 ) will make fascinating reading.

Of course we wait for contradictory views and the source whereby they may be evaluated.

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