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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Etiquette - social misconduct for blogistes...arise you have nothing to lose but your manners

Blogs are bad, blogs are wicked, blogs are too democratic, blogs are corrupting the democratic process, blogs aren't making all that much difference, really... is Lenin's Tomb contribution to the faux argument of the Guradian columnist's fears and concerns about blogistes and the proposed nonsensical Code of Conduct.

An article with many, many, pithy comments which are well worth reading.

Prompting 2 questions.

What was the world like before blogs and on line news?

Who gives a fuck ?


The Antagonist said...

Our esteemed colleague, Mr William Bowles, has a rather spiffy article on the subject at Investigating New Imperialism: Flogging the Bloggers, Hobbling the Hip-Hoppers

Meanwhile, plans are afoot to shut down the Internet, probably because blogs and "the effect of high volume and unrestricted information on the internet" have no impact at all on the ruling class crooks whose little scams are, to a higher degree than ever before in history, mostly blown wide open for all to see right through.

Stef said...

Prompting 2 questions.

What was the world like before blogs and on line news?

Who gives a fuck ?

and not forgetting the special bonus question...

Do journalists and politicians really expect us to go back to that?

No chance

Reading or listening to establishment knobs moan about the net is a constant source of pleasure. They can't ignore it and I doubt very much that they can stop it - even with all the hyped-up cyber paedo-terror-bully bullshit they can scrape together. Fuck 'em all

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