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Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Randy" Tobias, Madame Palfrey and a whiff of Hypocrisy drifts across the White House

Randall "Randy" Tobias previously served as vice chairman of AT&T and CEO of AT&T International before taking over in 1993 as chairman and CEO at Indianapolis based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. After stepping down from his post at Lilly at the end of 1998, he focused his attention on a number of business, community and philanthropic interests and on teaching and writing. His book on leadership lessons learned, Put The Moose On The Table, written with his son, Todd Tobias, was published in early 2003. Among his many public offices he has for 13 years been a trustee of Duke University, including 3 years as chair of the board.

Bush selected him in January 2006 as the director of U.S. Foreign Assistance and administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, the main agency overseeing economic and humanitarian assistance globally. He held the rank of deputy secretary of state.

Ambassador Tobias is was responsible for overseeing all U.S. international HIV/AIDS assistance and coordinating the efforts of the various agencies and departments of the United States Government that deliver it, and reports ed directly to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. They have a budget of US$15 Bn. over 5 years years to fight AIDS abroad. "Millions of lives depend on the success of this effort and we are determined to succeed." said the President at the time.

Faith based groups however have a slightly skewed agenda and they have forced an abstinence clause and USAID therefore required groups to sign an anti-prostitution pledge despite concerns over its constitutionality. The pledge required all organizations receiving USAID money overseas to renounce prostitution, which some groups interpreted as abandoning efforts to prevent prostitutes from spreading AIDS.

The Brazilian government, which has had success in decreasing AIDS by working with prostitutes, refused to sign the pledge and lost a US$40 million grant.

Under a bill approved by Congress and signed by Bush, one third of the administration's US$3 billion international AIDS prevention budget must be spent on programs promoting "abstinence until marriage." At the same time, the administration was buying hundreds of millions of condoms for distribution overseas.

This policy of abstention was championed by James Dobson’s organization, Focus on the Family, who have played a major role in presidential politics, sending out 5 million letters, postcards, and e-mails just before the 2004 election. He is close to Bush and White House adviser Karl Rove . Dobson believes in smacking kids and also that the roles in marriage require the wife to submit to her husband's authority, deferring to his decision in matters of conflict.

The daily radio program Focus on the Family, which is broadcast in more than a dozen languages and on over 6,000 stations worldwide, and heard daily by more than 200 million people in 164 countries. Focus on the Family is put out by over TV networks every day.

Tobias attended two functions at the White House this week, both times earning praise in the president's public remarks. On Monday, the Indiana native attended a reception for the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts, and on Wednesday he attended a ceremony marking Malaria Awareness Day when the resident remarked of Ambassador Randy Tobias. "He now runs USAID. Prior to this job, he led America's monumental effort to confront and deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the continent of Africa. Thank you for your leadership."...and then went off to score some crazy pics at the photo op, dancin' 'n' drummin with some crazy Tanzanians.

Thursday, "Randy" told his boss Secretary of State Condileeza Rice that he was going to quit as of Thursday stating "personal reasons" .

He had however admitted to ABC News that he had taken the opportunityt to use the services of Pamela Martin and Associates and had them send young ladies (Central American if possible) over to his ritzy condo to give him a massage.

ABC came by the copies of Washington whoremonger Jane Palfrey from her Attorney and although the US Washington District court under Judge Gladys Kessler has issued a gag order this only refers to the original documents.

ABC claim they will be aring a special report on these billing documents next week.

These phone records are playing a very important part of Palfrey's court battle with charges of a multiple-count federal racketeering and money-laundering indictment pending. She wants to have the records available for her defense, while the prosecutors would rather they be kept under tight lock and key.... probably for "personal reasons" as well.

Prosecutors, claim Palfrey's business, which operated as Pamela Martin and Associates, was actually a prostitution ring. Prior to prosecution, the business enjoyed thirteen years of success, service and satsifaction in the Washington D.C. area with dames who did a fine massage bu never, ever put out. Palfrey denies that her business provided sexual services to its clients.

Don't look for his "Randy's" biog. on the USAID site - he is like fellow client Harlan Ullman an "unperson" and you will just get a 404 Error message if you look for it.

This NYT piece is useful as a biog and it handles his first wife's suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning after years of depression. It doesn't mention the two condos he had in Indy one for him and one for his cats.

Here is a VERY interesting news story from sunny California. with LOTS more detail about La palfrey and her website is available here with the phone records she submitted to the court that she claims prove Harlan Ullman was a customer.

More about Palfrey and her home town of Charleroi in alengthy local newspaper with interviews of old friends.


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