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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ronald Castree charged with 1975 Molseed murder

Ronald Castree, a 53-year-old market trader of Brandon Crescent, Shaw, Oldham, pleaded not guilty when murdering 11-year-old Rochdale schoolgirl, Lesley Molseed, more than 30 years ago appeared at Bradford Crown Court on Thursday 19th April 2007. He has been incustody since his arrest in November 2006 after DNA evidence led to his identification.

He was remanded in custody until his trial on 22 October. It is expected to last for nine weeks.

Several Rochdale residents who either worked with or knew Mr Castree at or about the time of Lesley Molseed’s disappearance, have recently been questioned by police in connection with the inquiry.

(link)For more information about the case and how In 1994 DCI Richard (Dick) Holland, CS Dibb and forensic scientist Doctor Ronald Outteridge were formally charged with suppressing evidence in 1994. It was alleged they had destroyed the forensic evidence which could have proved the innocence of Stefan and the guilt of the real murderer.They also withheld statements from the defence, which proved the whereabouts of Stefan on the day of the murder.

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R v Adams [1997] EWCA Crim 2474 ... Don't trust DNA evidence. As for relying on the Rev Bayes to help out ... 'twas as though Price never published his work.

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