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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Sex , Harlan Ullman, Jeff "Whitehouse Pet of the Month" Gannon and Tony Blair's sleepovers

Yeas&Nays: Friday, Apr. 20 Here is a curious collection of news from Examiner.com which brings together Harlan Ullman and Jeff "Whitehouse Pet of the Month" Gannon

It was Sex Scandal Day at Nathans of Georgetown on Thursday, as Jeff Gannon (AKA James Guckert EX marine and male prostitute)(see pic) and Harlan Ullman joined owner Carol Joynt for the lunchtime Q&A Cafe discussion series.

Ullman, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies(although every trace of him has been removed from their website- see yesterdays post) and the Atlantic Council who famously coined the phrase “shock and awe,” was recently named by “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey as “one of the regular customers” of her prostitution ring. But Ullman says it’s rubbish.

“The allegations are outrageous and do not dignify a response,” Ullman told the Nathans crowd. “My wife and I view this as most bizarre. ... It’s like being in a bad Franz Kafka novel.” When asked by Joynt whether he’d ever met Palfrey, Ullman said “absolutely not,” adding “I have no idea why lightning happened to strike me.”

As Mrs Palfrey ran her high class, high rise, high maintenance hookers from Vallejo CA. it seems highly unlikelythat any jaded pol seeking a quick hand job or "full relief" from the "Shock and Awe" of the Harlan Birley of Washington Political life would have ever met her - or even known of her.

The proceedings must have been a hoot, Jeff said to the startled crowd “My personal life ? ..... I put all that behind when I decided to become a journalist.” Not the only thing you put behind you by all accounts jeff.(James)

Strange how , as Wayne Madsen pointed out Jeff's (James's) visits to the Whitehouse coincided with those of Tony Blair's sleepover 16/4/04 This was not the time (18th July 2003) Tony Blair spoke to Congress, got a standing ovation but on-one is sure if he actually received his Congressional medal.... but he was around both days at the White House .. 6/17 12:29 - 1:41 (12:32-1:11) -6/18 12:16 - 1:42 (12:50-1:34).

This is the Wayne Madsen quote ;

"It is interesting to note that male prostitute and faux journalist Jeff Gannon was present at the White House on two occasions when Bush and Blair were meeting: 4/16/04 Gannon entered at 10:51 am -departed 3:08 (2:41-3:09) (Bush/Blair press conference) and the really interesting Gannon visit: 11/12/04 Gannon entered 10:57 am and did not exit the White House on the day that Bush was again meeting with Blair."

UPDATE - The Atlantic Council - search their website and you get

"Sorry, no pages were found containing harley ullman."

Recent Google cache (cache of http://www.acus.org/ as retrieved on 19 Apr 2007 12:22:19 GMT.) does show this reference however....

March 21, 2007
The Washington Times
Article: Avoid confrontation, by Harlan Ullman and Sergey Rogov. Harlan Ullman is a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Atlantic Council.

Curious how both the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Atlantic Council have made poor old Harlan Ullman an unperson... Let's see how the rabidly middle of the road, unbiased, neutral Washington Times deals with his perceptive apercus on world affairs. ?

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