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Friday, April 13, 2007

SNP romping to Victory in Scotland

Weber Shandwick's excellent website has issued their latest poll of polls with statistics on the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

For the constituency vote the poll puts Labour on 31%, SNP on 36%, Conservatives on 13%, and Liberal Democrats on 15%. For the regional vote Labour are on 29%, SNP on 35%, Conservative on 12%, Liberal Democrats on 14% and the Green Party on 4%.

Using Weber Shandwick’s election predictor, this poll of polls would see 44 Labour MSPs, 51 SNP, 14 Conservatives and 18 Liberal Democrats

UPDATE Monday - Hello to all the visitors here from Weber Shandwick.

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kosmik knight said...

The Scots socialist, John Maclain, predicted that the end of the British Empire would come once Scotland regained its independence.

I hope he's right. I'm not a nationalist but I want the SNP to take the Scottish Parliament in the hope that it'll be the first step to a referendum and the abolition of the imperialistic Union.

'kk', Chimes of Freedom

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