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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where are they now ? No 127 Tanks at Heathrow Airport

As the holiday season starts and families head for the sun, get ready for a terrist alert..... one is just around the corner .......

This has no connection with the handing over in October of Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi who had been plotting to rid the world of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. His subsequent pleasant stay in "Camp Freedom" on the sunny island of Diego Garcia which was stolen by the Queen from the Chagos islanders, may perhaps be the background to the lurid tales of nuclear holocausts with an Islamic finger on the button.

A US government summary on Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi available for the credulous press circus said hae was "known and trusted" by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden - this seems bit rich when years ago President Bush didn't know and couldn't care if Osama BL was Dead or Alive.

Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi it is claimed sat on al Qaeda's Shura leadership and was known to have been in Pakistan's tribal regions. A Pentagon spokesman who was named as Bryan Whitman said Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi intended to "manage al Qaeda affairs" in Iraq when he was handed over.

Another, but nameless official is quoted "He was going to Iraq to take a hand in things, though now we'll never know what kind of reception might have been in store for him." A CIA spokesperson Paul Gimigliano added, ""This guy was a veteran jihadist whose capture is a significant victory in the fight against terror. Getting him off the street is good news."

US intelligence has long warned that the war in Iraq is providing Islamist militants with hands-on training in urban guerrilla warfare and experience at eluding US security measures.

With Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, (pic - the Sun says he is 46) it is calculated that the Pentagon/CIA holds 15 "high-value detainees" -- a classification that the prisoner is capable of providing high-quality intelligence.

The US are busy claiming that Egyptian Abu Ayyub al-Masri, also known as Abu Hamza al-Muhajir has replaced the supposedly dead Abu Musab al Zarqawi. What is either overlooked or unexplained is that some 30/40% of the suicide bombers in Iraq are Algerian and there many more from the Mahgreb, recent structural changes after renaming tyhemselves as al-Qaida Organisation for the Islamic Maghreb and new financing which has been seen in increased terrorist activity is rising around the Mediterranean littoral. When Moroccan interior minister Chakib Benmoussamet Home Secretary peJohn Reid, and the rson we cal the Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, in London when he visited recently, told them taht "dozens" of young Moroccans travelled to Iraq and volunteered as suicide bombers or jihadis in the past 18 months.

So if the tanks at the airport don't frighten you on the way there, the terrists could make it a memorable holiday this year.

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