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Thursday, May 24, 2007

7/7 London Bombing CCTV analysis British False Flag Op

Here is an interesting YouTube fillum from xxseanyboyxx (his website is http://www.illuminaticonfessions.webfriend.it/)(!!) , based on the proposition that the fabled 4 "suicide bombers" CCTV film still image of them were entering Luton Railway Station on 7/7/05 is a palimpsest - a melange of images. We know of course that it was impossible for anyone to catch a train at this station after this time to be in Kings Cross in time to catch the tubes that were bombed.

Despite this massive event not one single person is known to have come forward from the travelling public, railway staff, car park staff, overflying jackdaws ... to identify any of these four on any train from Luton that day - or their presence in the station car park.

Make your own mind up -

1. Why no moving images available ?
2. The guy wrestling through the railings is certainly odd.
3. 4 guys on an outing together, not TOGETHER ? .. and yet no acting singly ?

One thing is for certain, that the next time this happens ...and it will .... the Sphincter of the Yard has told us... there will be a lot more mobile cameras , observant spectators.


paul said...

You just made me realise that I haven't seen any moving pictures of that scene

IanP said...

Master of the Rolls, Sir Anthony Clarke. High Court, London 23rd July 2007.

Is this a future judgement ?

Anonymous said...

In the vid ... who is the last man standing? Anyone know?

As for the vid - excellent. Note the zugzwang:
"Oh, the 'uploaders' have obviously manipulated the image to fool us ..." ...

so, if it was easy for the 'uploaders' to do it.

ps Do you have a still of the last man standing?

Stef said...

I've had a bee in my bonnet about this picture ever since it was released. Yup, it looks shonky but where does that take people? As you point out in your post, the much bigger question is where is all the other material we can reasonably expect to exist?

Another point worth bearing in mind is that if the Luton picture is such a rubbish retouching job how did that come about? Don't they do Photoshop in MI5? If you do believe that it is such an obvious retouch then the balance of probabilities would be that it was deliberately rubbish

The fact that people are still poring over the Zapruder footage almost 45 years later should be a warning to anyone who gets fixated on this particular image.

Stef said...

Another point worth remembering is that throughout 7/7 the police, local radio and television went to great and repeated efforts to encourage anyone with relevant footage to contact them. The vast majority of people, wanting to do the right thing and trusting the the authorities, would not hesitate to comply, then or in the future. On top of that it would be easy enough for the police to declare that all privately captured material of a criminal outrage was sub judice and could not be published

stelios the big easy guy said...

Your website does not address the lack of a public enquiry into the July 7th bombs.
These issues need to be looked at.
there is no cctv of the alleged 7/7 bombers - none on the bus, trains, platforms, ticket halls, car parks, etc
there is no credible eye witnesses of any of the alleged 7/7 bombers
the company in charge of london transport security VERINT engaged all its 1000+ employees on a drill to coincide with the bombs same stations same day, impossible for it to have been a coincidence
Israeli embassy was issued with an alert BEFORE the bombs went off
train times dont match 7.40am was cancelled
all the bombs were military grade
why was bombed bus the only bus diverted?
how did 'injured' headband man appear before any medics or ambulances arrived?
why did 'muslim' bus bomber grab an egg mcmuffin before blowing himself up?
why did the bombers leave the 'best' bombs back in the boot of the car?
why did they buy return tickets?
why did they pay and display? they werent coming back were they?
how did they keep the 'mission' secret from all their friends, families and relatives several had small kids one had a pregnant wife, if they really were clean skins how comes they crossed M15's paths several times?
Why did one mans documents survive the explosion and end up at SEVERAL bomb sites?
Why did Ian Blair announce "there are definately 4 bombers" before anyone even knew then retract when he realised he had spoken too soon?
What really happened at the outdoor retreat where they all went kayaking and team building. Was hypnotism or auto suggestion part of the course?
The question why didnt the security services nip this in the bud before it happened?
Because 7/7 was an inside job.

Stef said...


with all respect this blog is one of the handful that does deal with the issues in your list

it is a fine list and even though it isn't the first time I've seen it it is well worth repeating even though there are a couple of minor quibbles e.g. the No.30 bus was not the only bus diverted that day

sentientbeing said...

There's some additional interesting points made about that picture here -

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