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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Allana - simply brilliant design in hospital gowns.

Probably half a million people have to strip off in hospital for a necessary external or internal examination or X ray / body scan as an out patient. They are provided with a cublicle (if lucky with a lockable door) and then have to wear a garment designed to display your arse , as it has no overlap, and with ties (those which haven't been ripped off in the laundry) up the back which any cannot grasp and most struggle to tie.

Allana is a company (website) who have solved this problem with a simple design using easily closed/opened Velcro fastenings. An example of a range of clothes that the team claim is a sign of the need to dignity, independence, choice and respect as core values

They also offer their designs with a silver woven allegedly MRSA resistant fabric - which sounds like hokum to us.

If you or a family member will be requiring hospital treatment of any sort , we advise a visit to their site.

The sooner the NHS start using these garments the greater your chances of privacy - they will of course put you on a mixed sex ward to destroy that. These are intelligently designed garments and should do for patient's garments what Babygro did for babies.

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