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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

John Sweeney the mad, vain, conceited and reviled journalist - the only one to receive his nemesis at the hands of the Scientologists.

John Sweeney arrived in the offices of Craig Murray when he stood for Parliament in May 2005. John Sweeney BBC apparatchik and Gubment apologist, a portly (300lb) shambling figure in the second hand, shabby and stained DOM raincoat, sweaty forehead and the moist trembling lips of a child molester... his evident venereal strabismus giving him an unpleasant aspect even when he unsmilingly smiling confronted the polite and sweet and polite Moazzem Begg.

He had with him hard boiled, hatchet faced hackette who we eventually discovered was ace BBC Producer Giselle Portenir. A celbrated Canadian , unspeaking, unsmiling and deeply sinister. A profile so hard you could easily cut firewood with it. Her midget cameraman , probably dragged off a porn shoot to ceaselesssly record the Sweeney odysssey through bleak Blackburn.

This was Sweeney building up a head of steam just prior to his behaving exactly as he did when hit on by the Scientologist.

Rgerettably this was when the memory card was filled up.

But prior to that he had been roundeed on Craig's Uzbek freind Nadia - whose treatment at the nads of the the sceret services of her native land you can read about in Craig's "Murder in Samarkand".

"Do you believe in boiling people"
"Do you believe in boiling people"
"Do you believe in boiling people"
"Do you believe in boiling people"

..he repeated endlessly as she broke into tears and screamed something in Russian at him ..

"Do you believe in boiling people"
"Do you believe in boiling people"

At this stage Lord Patel and others intervened and rounded on him - agian he repated the mantra he had screamed at us when he had endlessly asked Moazem Begg

” Why did you come here to support Craig Murray, he isn’t a Muslim ?”
” Why did you come here to support Craig Murray, he isn’t a Muslim ?”
” Why did you come here to support Craig Murray, he isn’t a Muslim ?”

Moazzem, endlesly patient and courteous explaind that credd was of no concern when defending human rights... rayional thought ... probably thought is beyond the mental processes in the Sweeney cranium ...

” Why did you come here to support Craig Murray, he isn’t a Muslim ?”
” Why did you come here to support Craig Murray, he isn’t a Muslim ?”

Bill Bowles rounded on him, saying he was out of order .. “ I am provocative” he explains, “..it is my job”. His hatchet faced handmaiden, with glacial and forbidding stare.. “ I am provocative”

" ....Amnesty award, 2 visits to Chechynya, Afghanistan,,blah .. the scream rose, the harridan interposed her body between ours and Sweeneys and bore him off, shreiking over his ample shoulder, his dirty raincoat dragging behind him..."Amnesty award, 2 visits to Chechynya, Afghanistan,,blah "“ I am provocative” he explains, “..it is my job”.


Stef said...

Well, he wasn't lying

It definitely is his job

Anonymous said...

I'm getting beginning to get the distinct impression that you dont like him.

BTW why does word verification always give me about 16 characters to enter when posing comments?

ziz said...

Whether he is liekeable or not is not the issue. He is simply very bad at the job - and this must be known - as it was so evident over 2 years ago - documented and filmed.

His hatchet faced producer was well aware and evidently practised in hustling him off.

If confrontation, banality, rudeness, bullying, prodcues good films - fine. Evidently it doesn't - the film produced of Carig's campaign was poor because it failed to grasp ;

1. What CM was trying to do
2. What motivated the varied supporters, all who gave time, efort , energy money from almost any background you can imagine to help him. Just asking the simple question "Why are you spending 3/4 weeks of your life supporting Craig ? " and listening to the answer would have helped.

3. Questions arose that were worth pursuing - eg.
a) Why did David Shayler and his sidekick / partner / ex colleague / alleged lover girelfirnd turn up ininvited ands unannounced ?

b) Ditto the white members of Luton based Mahajiroun who made such a fucking noisty nuisance of themselves - who were the quiet Asians from Leeds who arrived on the 30th April demo who appear in the photographs of Mahajiroun and why ?

Sweeney is a cunt and is also incompetent consequently makes poor qality films - and consequently should be sacked and the resources he consumes be used more wisely.

Sweeney is an an unattractive character who, wearing his trademark DOM mac merely portrays what he thinks is the hard nosed, hard boiled war reporter (Compare and contrast say Mike Nicholson who worked through Vietnam and eslewhere )- - this is to some, merely a carapace which conceals a deeply flawed, weak and essentially unintelligent braggart.

How many characters to check is in the control of Blogger not the user - it seems to vary from 5 - 10... regardless of the blog.

Thx for reading it anyway and responding

Stef said...

Somebody really should tell Sweeney that wearing that Mac has more of an air Wicked Uncle Ernie about it than Sam Spade

On second thoughts, maybe not

Gavin Whenman said...

Lol, what is this unsubstantiated rubbish? It seems rather a poor attempt at a hatchet job IMHO.

Stef said...

Yes, poor hatchet jobs are best left to the professionals like Sweeney, mac and all

Blogging for the hell of it said...

did he really shout in Moazzam Begg's face with that bizarre statement? What is he on? Sweeney is deeply unstable - the BBC and him deserve each other. Someone should put him out of his misery next time he explodes like that..

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