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Monday, May 07, 2007

Oz chauffeur puts foot down, so MP gets fucked by her political friends instead

Comcar provides chauffeured services to MPs and senators, in Canberra and elsewhere around Australia, which is paid out of Government funds.

The unfortunately named Ms Kelly Hoare, 43, a married mother of two and Labor Party MP for the NSW Hunter Valley seat of Charlton (the coal exporting capital of Australia) , she is deputy caucus chairman and chairs the Labor Party womens committee.

She was recently ferried home by an Australian Government driver employed by Comcar.

When they stopped at her house, the driver found it necessary to refuse the invitation to "Come inside and fuck me" .... which judging by the picture he was fully entitled to, whatever the terms of his employment contract.

As a result of a complaint the frightened driver lodged with his employers, she now finds her self de-selected from the seat she has won 3 times, by the Party and ambitious (and youthful) ACTU boss Greg Combet installed as a the forthcoming candidate in her place. She is said to be receiving "counselling" , there is no news if the driver is receiving any ..

...... but then Oz politics is a rough old game. Union boss (ETU) Dean Mighell recently called Prime Minister Howard "an anti-union bastard of the last generation and a skidmark on the bedsheet of Australian politics".


Tom said...

Perhaps several glasses of Australian sweet white wine (Yates Wine Lodge) had made their presence felt earlier in the evening?

sam_m said...

"....skidmark on the bedsheet of Australian politics".

Methinks he doth understate it too much.

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