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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Race Riot due, Whitehall June 15th - You have been warned

Update Friday 15th June - Stef has pics taken today of which this is one. See the rest here
See Pickled Politics report from the "event" here.

The Antagonist has a fascinating piece about a proposed demonstration outside Downing Street, Whitehall, on 15th June in John Reid's famous exclusion zone.

You can learn more by visiting www.britishoppression.com which is a slick website hosted behind a miasma of proxy servers from Hong Kong (maybe) and false names and addresses.

There is also a "No to British Oppression demonstration" Petition website which has attracted a remarkable, 652 signatures to date.

They are headed by Beverley Kerry,(beverley.kerry@talk21.com) who wrote the petition and Mick Brotherton.... who may or maybe not related to signatory 494 Stacey Brotherton... but hopefully not number 501, John Griff Wood who adds, by way of explanation .."'I'm a filthy pervert and I live at 789 Ecclesall Road in Sheffield and I'm a Searchlight informer. I use the name MENTOR on Stormfront and the name WICCAN on VNN Forum and I've recently had an injunction served on me by South Yorkshire Police because I stalk women. You can check my details under JG Wood in the Sheffield phonebook. Give me a call and I'll stalk your daughters." (He also signs again with the same attractive self deprecatory codicil at No 426.) Evidently most signatories are from wacko central.

The Petition starts ...

To: British govt. authorities and the Met. Police

We, the undersigned, call upon the British Government, authorities and Metropolitan Police to take whatever action necessary to prevent the proposed "Muslims Rise Against British Oppression" day of action taking place on the 15th June, 10 Downing St, London, England.....

Our Beverley is a busy girl , organising petitions against Halal Meat, ending Religiously sanctioned animal torture, and is also scandalously claimed to be a member of Combat 18. Interestingly a Mrs Beverley Kerry of Ilkeston, won a Spiderman outfit (Ooops ...er ...CD) in the April Sun competition which should come in handy for someone who revels in the identity of Odins Gal 88 or simply OG on the ultra Right Wing Vanguard News network (188 posts so far and is a Senior Member) and is evidently well informed about the BNP in the Midlands.

All this is very, very odd. We don't want a race riot in central London so John Reid is FORCED to declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY and suspend the Human Rights Act do we ? Do we ?


odinsgal88 said...

I feel that I must take exception to the blatant lies about me in this post.

It was not a Spiderman oufit; it was a CD.

Thank you. :)

odinsgal88 said...

Correction much appreciated, Mr Patel. Thanks a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

There's no indication on the Met site that anything has been planned.


It may be an idea to apply for permission to demonstrate outside No.10 on June 15. If there is an event scheduled, but not declared (for whatever reason), the Met would no doubt turn down the application.


Anonymous said...

is there a demo?????

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