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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Royal Navy fuck up their story .. again .. time travellers ..

James Sherwin, of the Directorate of Joint Comunications, Iraq, based in Zone K, Floor 4 , MOD Main Building, Whitehall SW1A 2HB (Tel 020 7218 9000) is a very remarkable man.

He received an enquiry from a Mr Seale dated 3rd April 2007 regarding the position of the (still unnamed) merchant vessel from which a Royal Naval boarding party was spectactularly seized in March.

James Sherwin answered Mr Seale's enquiry with a letter dated the day prior to Mr Seale's enquiry - April 2nd 2007. (click here to enlarge)

This should not suprise because Mr Sherwin's helpful letter revealed the 2 sets of co-ordinates released to locate the (stil unnamed) boarded vessel, both in text and as a photograph of a civilian GPS device viz;

Text - 29 Deg 50.36 min. N - 048 Deg 43.55 min E
Photo- 29 Deg 50.174 min. N - 048 Deg 43.544 min E

It also reveals that the helicopter photo was taken 2 DAYS later and that the ship had dragged it's anchor by ..er .... UP TO 300 metres....which explained the possible discrepancy in the two locations... No time/date stamped dataloggers in the Royal Navy !

All this is revealed at Friends of Craig Murray who show how, according to their evidently very precise and standardised calculations. that the distance between the 2 points is actually 820 metres.... er .. not "up to 300 metres". Does this remind you of the BBC R4 comedy program with John Pertwee in the '6's "Up Shit Creek without a Paddle"

The Friends conclude ..

Firstly, the efforts to present the British case appear shabby and amateurish. It is also plainly dishonest. A publicity photograph was blatantly misrepresented by the MOD as being the site of the incident when it is actually a photograph of a position nearly one kilometer away. Secondly, the mainstream media fell for the publicity photograph very nicely, failed to check the accuracy of the MOD press release and allowed inaccurate information to be widely disseminated without correction.

This demonstrates that the Royal Navy are incompetent or dishonest or both. Collectors of Civil Service letters that are received the day for they are sent will of course remember when Sir Ian Blair wrote to Sir John Geive about the murder by the Metropolitan Police of Mr de Menezes he received it the day before Sir Ian sent it.

Or do these liars simply live on another planet .. part of the Space / Time continuum ? Or do they simply don't know which day of the fucking week it is.

PS Toni Fabuloso is to make an FOI request to see if Mr Sherwin is a candidate for the curious "Alpha" program that General Dannatt is so keen on.

Watch last Monday's blog for a reply.

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