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Monday, May 14, 2007

Shock Horror - Gubment wastes tax payers money

The expertly coiffured and insufferable Ben Bradshaw, despoiler of North Sea Fish stocks and much else, who is now called Minister for Local Environment Quality, announced today the squandering of yet more tax payers funds on paid-for advertising to support campaigns preventing chewing gum litter.

The improbable Chewing Gum Action Group will sponsor "awareness raising campaigns " in August and September this year, using exciting new campaign visuals, exciting new poster-adverts, and supported by exciting wider campaign activities in each successful local authority blah..blah ... blah blah...

BB says of the 16 councils selected for this exciting campaign from the 40 who applied that ," I hope they will make the most of the opportunity this campaign offers to change behaviour by tackling irresponsible disposal of chewing gum in their areas."

Change behaviour ? You bet it will ..

1. Remind the chewers to buy more of the wretched stuff (examine carefully who sponsors this absurd fucking campaign)

2. Send Council tax-payers apoplectic

For two entertaining, informative article see 24/5/05 - On the Spit Fines and 29/02/04 - Sticky Deposits, Spit or Swallow?
The costs of this behaviour changing exercise ? Coyly, Ben Bradshaw Chewing Gum Czar fails to mention. The number of people fined for spitting chewing gum ? Not available.

The picture is of "Gum Girls" distributing free exciting pouches for the public to collect, store and carry their chewed and spat out masticatory effluvium... in Piccadilly, Manchester from last years ...wait for it ... "exciting and successful campaign".

Famous Gum Chewers in History

Alex Ferguson, Manager of the most wonderful foortball team ever, Premiership Champions 2007/7, FA Cup Winners 2007.


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