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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stormfront & BNP mobilise their forces against "British Opression"

The Stormfront network started having a fascinating discussion on 15th May 2007 "Counter Presence at the Muslim London Demo" which was started by "Seaforth".... there are 21 pages to date.

Odins Daughter AKA Beverley Kerry posted this today at 3.53pm Page 21 (On Page 1 on 16th May @ 1.02 pm she had posted, "Plans for this counter demo are well underway; ")
Interesting development.


Along with a bit of blethering, he states - "All this is very, very odd. We don't want a race riot in central London so John Reid is FORCED to declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY and suspend the Human Rights Act do we ? Do we ?"

Could this be a set-up after all?


Meanwhile the BNP (whose charming leader Nick Griffin appeared on Newsnight this week) have acted . This afternoon (25th May 2007) West Midlands Regional Organiser sent a letter to West Midlands police complaining about the anti-British posters calling for Muslims to join a planned protest in central London next month.

PC K ********
West Midlands Police
Belgrave Rd
B5 7BP

Ref: Muslims Rise Against British Oppression Posters

Dear PC ********,

With reference to our recent telephone conversation I wish to submit a formal complaint with regards the nature of the "British Oppression" posters increasingly appearing across Birmingham.

To encourage members of the Muslim community to "rise" is clearly either an incitement to violence or to open rebellion. As such these posters calling for a demonstration outside the offices of the Prime Minister are clearly an act of sedition.

I am attaching both posters, drawing your attention in particular to the colour version which, together with inflammatory wording, contains irresponsible images of violence which could easily and very dangerously be misconstrued.

If the British National Party distributed posters encouraging the British community to "rise" against their Islamic oppressors together with graphic images of Islamic violence against non-Muslims one needs little imagination to predict what the reaction of the police would be.

Below you will find the link to the report you wished for which was contained in yesterday's edition of the Birmingham Post.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Darby
West Midlands Organiser, British National Party


Stef said...

You would have thought that with all the history of security force infiltration of nationalist groups (it's not just the Muslim ones) the kind of people who hang around sites like Stormfront would be a bit more savvy about internet sock puppets, agent provocateurs and staged incidents

But apparently not

These people are so easy to wind-up and misdirect they're practically begging to be used by the state

I despair...

Anonymous said...

Who set up this demo in the first place? The whole thing smells very suspicious.

Antagonist has a lot of interesting comments: http://antagonise.blogspot.com/2007/05/british-oppression-downing-street.html

Anonymous said...

There's no indication on the Met site that anything has been planned or that any application has been made.


It may be an idea to apply for permission to demonstrate outside No.10 on June 15. If there is an event scheduled, but not declared (for whatever reason), the Met would no doubt turn down the application.


(I posted this on a previous entry by mistake)

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