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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Where are they Now No 231 : 4Tons / £10Mn haul of cannabis in Northern Ireland

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Northern Ireland's biggest ever drugs haul today

The Organised Crime Task Force report today that the largest ever haul of cannabis (Street value £mn's) has been seized at premises in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. Two men have been arrested.

UPDATE 11th October

On the 11th of October the quantity seized was reported to be 4 tonnes in weight, with street value of £10 Mn. (Euros 14.5 Mn). Local Strangford MP Iris Robinson congratulated those who had succeeded in keeping the huge haul off the streets. “It is not yet clear who was responsible for this criminal act or whether there was paramilitary involvement ..." she said at the time.

Just in advance of Dr Paisley and Dr McGuiness sitting down and smoking the odd Pipe of Peace, one might ask where this mighty haul - the largest ever seized in these islands has gone.... has anyone been arrested ? Has anyone been charged ... indeed as Iris Robinson asked .."was there any paramilitary involvement ...?"

4 Tons, that's ..say ... 6 times the amount of Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser Plod so very carefully kept an eye on in the Crevice case. Let's hope they have been keeping as close an eye on that haul of cannabis....but then of course the fertiliser for an inert substance ... let's hope nobody has tried that with the Newtonards Cannabis Mountain.

No. No. No one would do that.... would they ?

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