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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

£625,054 and 90 pence in McCann's Find Madeleine fund

The balance on 04/06/07, of the official Madeleine fund stood at £625,054 and 90 pence. Gerry - 39 today has left his Blog / Diary alone which is now 3 days out of date.

The Sun says plans for a spooky, prurient, voyeuristic Crimewatch reconstruction of the night of Madeleine’s disappearance have been shelved for tonight's show because Portuguese laws blocked access to the area (?). Identical pyjamas to the type Madeleine was wearing the night of her disappearance were shown and a confident description of a man "approximately 35 years old, about 5ft 8in or 5ft 9in tall and had dark hair, which was parted at the side and slightly longer at the backwas given by Mr McCann.He said the man was wearing a dark jacket slightly longer than a suit, beige trousers and dark shoes."

Meanwhile , it was a flying visit in a private jet to Berlin to meet British ambassador Sir Peter Torry, Germany's Deputy Justice Minister Lutz Diwell and the Klaus Wowereit the Mayor of Berlin, Then onwards ever onwards to Amsterdam where they lived for a year where they will appear on Dutch TV on Thursday, then it's on to Rabat.

The McCann Show featured on the Spanish Crimewatch equivalent last week, Los Mas Buscados, last week.

Lest we forget, Sean and Amelie, Madeleine's bother and sister are at the family's holiday apartment in Portugal with Mr McCann's sister Trish Cameron and her husband Sandy. Trish it will be remembered was the conduit to the press of her brother's initial phone call on the fateful night with tales of smashed shutter, windows and doors.

Aficionados of the Marriott Edgar monologues might enjoy a recitation of this one at this point.

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