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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another conspiracy ("plot"" Plod) not to cause explosions gets rave reviews

It was a great re-assurance to see that calmly smirking Dame Pauline Neville-Jones had hurried to the studios of BBC Newsnight ( regrettably looking rather dishevelled in something vaguely khaki and military, evidently not having had the time to smarten herself up).

The plot ( 2 cars stuffed with incendiary materials, nails and a handily placed mobile phone activated but nonetheless easily dissembled and inactivated "detonating device" by a nerveless bomb squad officer casually leaning through the handily open window) is, she assured a waiting nation was / is "aimed at the new government".

"The issue is, who is behind that. I think I will be inclined to
believe there is some kind of al-Qaida link,"

Those would be the guys who did an end run round NORAD, steered incendiary planes into 2 skyscrapers causing them to fall in ways unknown to man or physics, smash into the most heavily guarded military building on Earth, killing thousands....etc.,

Evidently a change in strategy and tactics - quick of her ( and her BBC chum Frank G) to notice. .. "... I will be inclined..."

Good also to see that one "bomb" was identified by the Ambulance service and the other "bomb" had been man handled and dragged in it's incendiary state through the streets full of roistering clubbers by the ever zealous traffic wardens and left ignored for 18 hours.

It was therefore encouraging to see that the result of the squillions of taxpayers funds spent on terrists has not yet been used to remove the blundering, bovine Peter Clarke, The Sphincter of the Yard ( who had left his lunch pail behind this time) whose men are yet undertaking a further painstaking enquiry.

We can expect more of the same, - bombs in London that don't go off, the smirking Dame on Newsnight and the overweight "I speak you weight machine" Plod.... and ... er .. forensic pictures in the ownership of the Met appearing in US newspapers.

A "crystal clear CCTV " image of one of the drivers legging it, and the car number plates are as yet withheld from the public - no doubt, just in case someone could help the police with their enquiries.

PS The consultant numerologist points out that 29-06-2007 can also be understood better

29-6-2-7 = 21 therefore 21/7.
See also Kurt Nimmo

In a major speech to the Naval War College on Thursday (Bush plays al Qaida card to bolster support for Iraq policy) President Bush referred to al Qaida at least 27 times........

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