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Monday, June 11, 2007

Clarence Mitchell returns to lying for the Government.

The Daily Express report that "Foreign Office staff" will no longer work with the McCann's after their return from Rabat. The Find Madeleine "official" website reports that the current account balance of the fund on 08/06/07, stands at £713,927.81.

Extraordinary how there has not been a single mention in any Press/TV reports of the name of Clarence Mitchell or his / function / official employment - which must be known to every journo / editor / sub editor anywhere for the 5 weeks he has been involved at public expense. He has of course done a superb job in establishing the brand - probably deserves a holiday but no doubt the deceit and dishonesty will be flying thickly with the new PM, the departing PM, the planned Race Riot in Whitehall this week, and the astonishing revelations due about the role of Lord Levy.

The Daily Mail today report that the McCann's will be looking to purchase a property in the Algarve to rent on their imminent return from Rabat.

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shane fenton said...

any chance of a pointer towards the astonishing LL revelations...

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