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Sunday, June 03, 2007

David Lane, Prussian Blue, and the Aryan Nation

David Lane, Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations member was one of the founding members of the Silent Brotherhood, an armed underground group has been reported dead on May 28th at the Federal (Supermax) maximum-security prison in Florence, Colo ( or maybe even the Federal facility at Terre Haute where McVeigh the Okie bomber was executed) .. where he had been serving a 190 year sentence. He is remembered and to some extent revered for his 14 word creed ..."We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

The Order (AKA Bruders Schweigen or Silent Brotherhood) is a largely-defunct faction of the Aryan Nations Church of Northwest Idaho active in the 1980s. FBI agent Wayne Mantis called The Order "the most organized group of terrorist-type people to have ever operated in the United States."

Led by Robert Jay Mathews and informed largely on the beliefs of the The Turner Diaries, an apocalyptic novel about a future interracial war in North America written by William Luther Pierce under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald. The Order was based on a fundamental need for violent revolution against the United States government (called by them "ZOG", for Zionist Occupation Government) and total destruction of African Americans and Jews.

Mathews led the Order through a series of violent crimes, including bank robberies and bombings of theaters and synagogues. They also ran a large and successful counterfeiting operation, and executed a series of armored car robberies, including one in Ukiah, California that netted $3.8 million.(see also Richard Scutari)

The FBI , working through informers, mainly ex members tracked down Mathews in December of 1984 to a cabin in Whidbey Island, Washington where he refused to surrender, and eventially is said to have died in a fire of his own making.

Ten members of the group were convicted of the June 18, 1984 murder of Alan Berg, a liberal, Jewish Denver-area radio talk show host. The murder, or assassination, and consequent trial form the core of Steven Dietz's 1988 play God's Country. Lane denied any involvement in the murder and was actually charged and found guilty on RICO charges of racketeering and conspiracy.

The rock band "Dresden" (not to be confused with the "Dresden Dolls" band) wrote a song called "To Robert Mathews in Valhalla" in 1995.

Of more contemporary interest are home schooled twins Lynx and Lamb Gaede (now 14) who formed a white duo with ties to US Vanguard movement which they called Prussian Blue - "Gone With the Breeze," is a song on their first CD Fragment of the Future dedicated to Robert Mathews. They received acclaim / notoriety when they appeared in one of Louis Theroux's BBC documentaries on weirdos in America "Louis and the Nazis".

Lane had a sincere interest in Wotanism, allegedly inspired by an essay of the same name written by Jung. Lane had expressed derision for the Odinist religion which has rejected what they perceive as his attempt to appropriate their religion for political and racist ends. Lane explains his motivations:

"So, I first chose the name Wotanism over Odinism. First because W.O.T.A.N. makes a perfect acronym for Will Of The Aryan Nation. Secondly because he was called Wotan on the European continent and only called Odin in Scandinavia. Therefore Wotan appeals to the genetic memory of more of our ancestors. And finally because a split had to be made with the game players, deceivers and universalists who had usurped the name Odin."

Lane was responsible for a crazy Wotanic (?) work "The Pyramid prophecy" still with it's adherents and a website to send you to sleep - but worth examining to try to understand the oddities of human nature - he suggests 88 rules. e.g

14. In accord with Nature’s Laws, nothing is more right than the preservation of one’s own race.

25. A People without a culture exclusively their own will perish.

Wotansvolk and 14 Word Press are currently defunct organizations, no longer having mailing addresses or websites. The Temple of Wotan still exists, but the organization was no longer run by Lane or his associates and claim to have distanced themselves from racist and neo-nazi ideologies. Based on letters written from prison to his supporters, Lane appeared to remain committed to spreading his message through Wotanism, and it is unclear what his final relationship was with The Temple of Wotan.

Lane recently authored (from prison) a short story entitled KD Rebel, a masturbatory fictional account of a colony of Wotanists who live up in the mountains and kidnap miscegenating or "wayward" young girls and women from urban areas and force them into polygamy as breeding stock. Lane strongly advocated polygamy as part of Wotanism..... The first recorded crime of the Silent Brotherhood was the robbery (yielding but US$300)of a sex shop.

The pic is of the Prussian Blue 14 words mouse pad available from their webstore. "This high quality, full color mousepad is 1/4 inch thick and measures 9 1/4 x 7 3/4. It features a picture of Dresden, Lynx and Lamb's baby sister standing in a field of flowers in the Carizzo Plain of California. It has the 14 words " We must secure the existance of our people and a future for White children"

An explanation provided for the delightful duo's name is a mocking reference that the dye Prussian Blue was allegedly used as a marker in the alleged Zyklon B gas used in thealleged gas chambers of the alleged Holocaust. Ho.Ho.Ho.

More on these crazies if you want, here

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