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Thursday, June 28, 2007

DTI publish UK Energy Trends Q1 2007

Department of Trade and Industry have published Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices Trends today for the 1st Qtr of 2007

Here is a quick snapshot -

- Q1 2007 Total indigenous UK production of crude oil and NGLs decreased 4.5 % on Q1 2006.

- Q1 2007 Total indigenous UK production of natural gas
decreased by 16.8% on Q1 2006

- Q1 2007 Total indigenous UK production of coal
decreased by 27.9% on Q1 2006

Total electricity generation from all renewable sources in 2006 was 18,133 GWh, 7.5 % up on 2005... approximately 3 % of all electricity generated.

Here are details filleted from the complete reports available at the DTI website.


- Total production in the first quarter of 2007 at 49.3 million tonnes of oil equivalent was 13.3 % lower than in the Q1 2006.
- Total inland consumption on a primary fuel input basis was 240.3 million tonnes of oil equivalent in the Q1 2007, 1.8 % lower than in theQ1 2006.
- Between the first quarters of 2006 and 2007 coal and other solid fuel consumption fell by 13.4 per cent.
- Oil consumption increased by 2.5 %.
- Gas consumption rose by 6.3 %.
- Primary electricity consumption decreased by 27.8 %.

COAL: Q1 2007

- Provisional figures for Q1 2007 show coal production down (due entirely to mine closures) 4.0 Mn tonnes - down 27.9 %per cent on Q1 2006 at 4.0 . The decrease was the product of a fall of 42.0 % opencast production fell by by 13%
- Imports of coal in Q1 2007 were 2.3 % down on Q1 2006 12.2 million tonnes 10.2 Mn tonnes (84%) of which, was steam coal for the power stations market.


- Total indigenous UK production of crude oil and NGLs in Q1 2007 decreased by 19.9 Mn tonnes a decrease of 4.5 % on Q1 2006. This included production from 3 new fields which started production during the year ending march 2007, including the very large Buzzard field.
- The UK was a net exporter of oil and oil products in the first quarter of 2007 by 0.1 million tonnes.
- Overall primary demand for oil products in the first quarter of 2007 was 5.1% lower than Q1 2006.
- Motor spirit deliveries rose by 0.1 %. Derv fuel deliveries increased by 3.8%. Deliveries of aviation turbine fuel rose by 9.3 %. reflecting the increase in air traffic movements, especially by low cost airlines.


- Total indigenous UK production of natural gas in the first quarter of 2007 was 16.8 % down on Q1 2006.
- Compared with Q1 2006, exports of natural gas in Q1 2007 increased by 44.1 per cent and imports increased by 50.6 per cent.
- Demand for gas in Q1 2007 was 3.4 % lower than in Q1 of 2006.
- Gas use for electricity generation increased by 34.2 % and domestic consumption fell 12.9% public administration, commerce and agriculture consumption fell by 11.2 % and in industrial sectorby 12.3 %.


- Fuel used by generators in Q1 2007 was, in total, 8.8 % lower than Q1 2006.
- Coal use during the quarter was 21.1 % lower than a year earlier.
- Total electricity supplied by all generators in Q1 2007 was 4.8 % down (-5.1 TWh) than a year earlier.
- In Q1 2007 final consumption of electricity fell by 4.1 % Domestic use by 6.2 % and consumption by commercial, public administration, transport and agricultural customers was down by 1.3 % and Industrial use of electricity was 4.4 % lower.


Average industrial gas prices fell 32% , Average industrial electricity prices rose 7.0 % in real terms.

- In mid June 2007, unleaded petrol was on average 96.6 pence per litre, an increase of 1.3 pence per litre compared to a year earlier.
- In mid June 2007, diesel was, on average, 97.2 pence per litre, 0.5 pence per litre lower than a year earlier.
The price paid for all fuel and light by household consumers has risen by 22.9 % in real terms between Q1 2006 and Q1 2007.
Domestic electricity prices, including VAT, in Q1 2007 were 21.1% higher in real terms than in Q1 2006.
Domestic gas prices rose by 33.7 % in real terms over the same period, whilst the price of heating oils fell by 12.1 per cent.
Estimates suggest that in April 2007, domestic gas prices in the UK, including taxes, for medium sized consumers were the second lowest in the EU15 and domestic electricity process were fifth lowest.


Electricity generated from all renewables as a percentage of total UK electricity generation rose to 4.6 per cent in 2006 using the international definition of renewables. In 2005 on the same basis it was it was 4.2 per cent.
In 2006 the percentage of UK electricity sales that were from sources eligible for the Renewables Obligation (RO) was 4.4 % up from 4.0 % in 2005.
Total electricity generation from all renewable sources in 2006 was 18,133 GWh, 7.5 per cent up on 2005.
Generation from biofuels grew by 3 %, within which landfill gas was the main contributor. There was no growth in the contribution from the co-firing of biomass with fossil fuels.
Generation from offshore wind grew by 49 per cent; and generation from onshore wind grew by 27 per cent.
As at 31 December 2006, 449 projects contracted under the Non Fossil Fuel Obligation (NFFO), the Scottish Renewables Orders (SRO) and the Northern IreIand NFFO had been commissioned and were generating electricity, with a capacity totalling 1,200 1,200 MW. Total renewables capacity in the UK at that date was 3,613 MW = 30% utilisation overall.

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