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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Murdoch News men on the scene for Glasgow Airport traffic accident

No doubt things will become less clear as more disinformation becomes available.
Telephone captured videos from public sent in to SkyNews

Excellent series of clips from public on BBC including man being arrested by police apparently unharmed. Take copies before they "disappear".

Sunday am The News of the World report

"In the early hours today, two further men were arrested in Cheshire in
connection with the Glasgow outrage and the attempted bombings in London on
Friday. A police source said the suspects were seized after cops rammed their
car on the M6.

They also claim ...

The News of the World can reveal that before the Glasgow incident anti-terror officers had already identified the London Mercedes bombers and were closing in on them.

Police had intelligence there were MORE cars primed for attack and were using all their resources to catch them before they struck again. One security source told us: "It was a race against time to track them down. They knew we were closing in."

But the Sunday Telegraph reports ...

Despite having hours of CCTV footage from 160 cameras, neither the police nor MI5 have even partially identified three men believed to be involved. This suggests the plotters are unknown foreigners or British-based volunteers recently recruited by al-Qaeda.

They also state the bleedin' obvious ..

One security source has told The Sunday Telegraph that if the bombers are “unknowns” it would be evident that ­Britain’s multi-billion pound intelligence network had failed to keep pace with the threat posed by Islamist terrorists.


Stef said...

Hmmmm, Reichstag-tastic

Well, many of us were expecting something in June/ July.

On the bright side nobody appears to have been hurt. On the not so bright side there are plenty of shady characters who'll be creaming themselves today, including our lovely shiny new PM

It looks like there's going to be tons of physical evidence and live terrorists/ patsies - the next few days and weeks are going to be, er, interesting...

Anonymous said...

I see that Alex Salmond has been roped into the Cobra meeting.

Hauld yer wheesht oer the Libyin business Alex, dinnae rock the boat, or there may be mare o this Al-Q stuff in Scotland...

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