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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Al Quaeda invasion of Scotland called off by Alex Salmond

"I'm confident - absolutely confident - that in the coming days and weeks we will be able to gain a thorough understanding of the methods used by the terrorists, of the way in which they planned their attacks, and of the network to which they belong."

So says Peter Clarke, the Sphincter of the Yard on BBC News - the man who said the 350 man assault and 2 weeks storming of Forest Gate was based on "sound intelligence".... author of the "Lavatory Bomb Massacre , Thousands killed in Bloody Al Quaeda Air Carnage over the Atlantic" which got to No. 1 in the State Terrism Charts last summer before the group was disbanded for lack of evidence.

As these hapless hopeless events seem to have been masterminded by the boy soldiers of the Fred Karno's section of the Al Quaeda , even Clarke and his Metropolitan stumblebums will find at least something these wannabe shit stirrers were doing.

Quite why 2 Asians decided to rent a small house in a quiet village like Houston and drive around in a modest, 4 x 4 Cherokee Jeep to maintain their low profile may become clear - quite why a "suicide bomber" takes along his mate is squandering your military resource - not the sharpest knives in the terrist drawer - not related to "Shoebomber" Richard Reid by chance ?

What is interesting is that Alex Salmond on the BBC 4 Radio News at 5.0 clock today was anxious to point out that those arrested at Glasgow Airport were not FROM Scotland and had only recently been imported.

The First Minister is strongly advised NOT to go climbing in the Scottish Mountains, or even attempt the Munros.

It will be absolutely dreadful if the Mulsim converts who absconded without anyone noticing ,were the motive force in these outrages which will mean locking more people up for longer without charge, evidence or court appearance... just when a newly introduced Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill is starting it's stately progress through Parliament .. and which could be hastily amended... sweeping along with it a rag bag of other matters limiting personal freedoms.

Liberty - the way the State defines your Freedom.


Anonymous said...

Glasgow Airport attack - USA had prior warning but UK intelligence plead ignorance see http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cdxdwxMNTAA

sam_m said...

It's not the first time there's been a suggestion of a Scottish link with the Muj.

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