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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brown - UN - same old shit as before ...

"Mr Brown again described the conflict in Darfur, which has cost an estimated 200,000 lives and created two million refugees, as the "greatest humanitarian disaster" facing the world today. "Guardian 31/7/07

He announced that later today the UK, along with the US and France, would table a new UN resolution which would see a 20,000-strong peacekeeping force - the largest in the world - sent to Sudan by October 1.

So Iraq, with probably in excess of 700,000 civilians dead, 2 Million who fled to exile and probably the same number displaced internally by sectarian, religious and tribal strife bombed by the occupiers with over 7,000 lbs of bombs per day.... shattered water, electricity and sewage systems ... a daily catalogue of kidnapping, rape, torture, murder.

..... they don't need a peacekeeping force ?


Sinclair said...

Read about the fuelling of the conflict in the article 'Darfur? It’s the Oil, Stupid…' by F William Engdahl, available here.

Shutter said...

Yes Engdahl's energy analysis is without peer. USAFRICOMM is of course thS Us military response to the African Chinese Take away policy they have for African mineral wealth.

They also work in a soi - disant relationship with India - especially in funding electricity generation projects further south in the African Continent... where their low cost provision of football grounds and stadia (Panem et circense circa 21st century)proves immensely successful.

Indeed when you see how the Chinese have developed long term relationships with Iran, Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan,and now Uzbekistan and the Eastern flowing pipelines from Russia you wonder who really is winning the energy wars... not to mention the potential for pipelines from Venezuela to the Pacific SA coast for further inroads into US oil sources.

One thing is certain, with Brown the UK is firmly in the Vanguard of the US neo-con military claque ... plus ca change

Note the Russian no nonsense approach to Byeleorussian non payment today.

Hot tip. Centrica .. in time for the GAZ prom take over.

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